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Della Lang Turner


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Today we hear a lot about Women's Liberation. Many womenexpress the desire to be fulfilled and have a meaningful life. We usuallythink that this is a modern concept but I have discovered that this is nottrue. My grandmother, Della Lang Turner, led a very satisfying and meaningfullife. She did not waste time worrying about self fulfillment.

Della Lang was born in Clow Township on September 7, 1895,to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lang. She attended the Joe River School up to theseventh grade when she had to stay home and work. Her mother needed herto help since she was the oldest girl of twelve children. In 1907, the familymoved to what is now known as the James Lang farm.

When Grandma was young, high button shoes were in styleand the girls usually wore skirts and blouses.

The Langs were a very close family and liked to be hometogether. Much of their entertainment centered around music. Grandma tookpiano lessons and became a good player. The family enjoyed singing togetherand also enjoyed playing records on their phonograph.

One of the games the children enjoyed playing wascalled Crokanall. This consisted of a large round board with pegsin the center and pockets in the corners. It was something on the orderof a pool table and was played like Rotation Pool. Some of the other gamesthey liked to play in the house were, Hide and Go Seek, Ring around theRosy, and I Spy. In summer, they liked to play Baseball, Stealing Sticks,and Pump, Pump, Pull Away.

The young people saw very few movies and the ones theydid see were silent pictures.. They would have good home parties where theyoung people danced and the older ones played cards. Going home from theseparties by horse and buggy still lingers in Grandma's memory.

There were many hard times but Grandma was always knownfor her happy personality and good disposition. Besides her own children,there were often friends or cousins visiting. So there was always a housefuland they were just as active as Grandma's brothers and sisters had been.

In her "spare time" Grandma liked to crochet,make quilts, and play the piano. One of my father's favorite childhoodmemories is of laying in bed at night and listening to Grandma playthe piano.

Perhaps because of all her experience Grandma's favoritehobby was baking and cooking. She always enjoyed trying new recipes. Everyonewho ever ate her bread knows it was better than angel food cake and I'veenjoyed raiding her cookie jar many times.

1964 was a big year for Grandma - good and bad. She startedthe year out bad on New Year's Day by slipping on a rug, falling and breakingher hip. After spending some time in the hospital she came home and hasused a walker to help her get around since that time. The summer of 1964brought a happy, never to be forgotten, day when Grandpa and Grandma celebratedtheir 50th Wedding Anniversary in July. They spent the day visiting withtheir family and friends and enjoyed many letters from friends who couldnot come to share the day with them.

All of the children have homes of their own now. They alllive in Minnesota and North Dakota so they are able to come home to visitquite often. There are 39 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.

Grandpa and Grandma now live in Humboldt during wintermonths and go back to the farm for the summer. Grandma always has a cheeryhello for everyone. She is interested in what each one of us is doing.

We will always remember her as a wonderful, kind Grandma,who has a great sense of humor, a warm heart, and who has led a very meaningfullife.


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