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Anne Kothe was born on February 12, 1894 in RichardvilleTownship, in Kittson County. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. John Kothe. Anne was not an only child for she had one sister and four brothers toshare her years with. It was in Richardville Township were Anne and herbrothers, and sister attended school.

Since Anne's father was a farmer, there were many timeswhen she and her sister and brothers were out in the fields, working manylong hours to help get the crops in on time. Along with the field work,Anne also helped her mother with the household chores.

After Anne had finished school, she stayed at home to keephouse for her father and sister, and brothers, since her mother has passedaway. Anne stayed at home until she met John Turner. And then, on November12, 1913, Anne Kothe and John Turner were united in marriage.

After Anne and John were married they moved to St. Vincent,MN where John was a mail carrier. During their many years of marriage,John and Anne Turner became the parents of five children, one girl, andfour boys. These five kids really kept Anne going, but she said it wasworth it. (1)

Anne Turner has many hobbies, and some of them are, keepinghouse which she enjoys doing very much, raising pomaranian dogs, and herfavorite hobby of all is gardening. Anne's gardens are always somethingto see because she grows many different kinds of beautiful flowers, andshe always has a nice looking vegetable garden. Anne also takes great pridein her strawberry and raspberry patches. You could say that Anne Turnerhas a "green thumb." She really enjoys working in her garden.

Anne is considered to all her friends as a outdoors person. In the summer time, she spends a lot of her time with working in her garden,or just sitting outside in her yard getting some sun. Anne said she hasalways loved the outdoors for as long as she can remember, and always will.(2)

Anne and John Turner's lives have never had a dull momentin them. They have always had something to occupy themselves with. Andnow evermore, since their children, grandchildren and great grandchildrenlive in the surrounding area. Like most grandparents, they enjoy seeingtheir family often.

Anne and John Turner have already celebrated their 60thwedding anniversary, and are looking forward to their 61st which will beon November 12 of this year.

(1) Anne Turner

(2) Anne Turner



Interview: Anne Turner, January 21, 1974

SIZE=+1>Interview: Anne Turner, January 21, 1974