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Alice Lorraine Vik


Afton Renne Hanson


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


A Biography Of Alice Vik


My grandmother, Alice Lorraine Vik, was born at home onJune 26, 1926. Assisting with the delivery was a midwife. My grandmotherwas the second child in a family of nine, five brothers and three sisters.

As a child growing up, she lived on the same farm all herlife. They had no indoor plumbing or running water.

For entertainment, my grandmother played in the woods withher brothers and sisters. They would roll old car tires and pretend thetires were their cars. The willow trees were their towns and homes. Sheand her sisters would partition off spots in the woods for doll houses. They lived in separate places and would make mud pies and cakes and haveeach other over for dessert. Whenever it was possible, she would stealbird eggs and use them for baking. Since she lived by a highway, theirfavorite pastime was to wave to people in their vehicles as they drove by. Their favorite vehicle was the bread truck because occasionally the driverwould throw out a loaf of bread and candy.

When my grandmother was five years old, her family andshe went to see a sick aunt. In the car on the way there she asked hermother if she could open the door and shut it again because it wasn't closedtightly. Her mother thought she meant the window and said yes. My grandmotherfell out of the car and flew into the ditch! She got a cut on her headand was bruised. Her mother put pressure on the cut with diapers. Theytook her to the hospital for stitches. But her big worry was her new shoes,her uncle found them in the ditch. She was the center of attention fordays!

She attended Strandquist School for twelve years, sincethen the school burned, has been rebuilt and is now consolidated with Karlstad. In high school, my grandmother played a french horn and sang in the GleeClub. Her physical education class would entertain with tumbling exercisesduring halftime of sports. In eighth grade, she learned to sew in 4-H. The fall of her junior and senior year, she picked potatoes with her sisterto earn money for clothes. They would be excused from school for two orthree weeks during potato harvest. She graduated from Strandquist HighSchool in 1944. After graduation, she was a waitress in restaurants inKarlstad and Middle River.

When she was a freshman in high school, she met RobertVik of Halma, when picking potatoes on his father's farm. He was home onleave from the army. She corresponded with him during his four years inthe army. They were married by Strandquist in a country church in 1948. They resided in Halma for one year, where Robert and his brother operateda filling station. Their oldest daughter, Cheryl, was born to them whilethey lived in Halma. Later, they moved to the Vik Farm south of Halma andhave lived there since. Three more children were born to them, two girls,my mom Cynthia, and Carol, and one son David.

As the children grew older, she worked at the KarlstadHospital in the laundry. Later, she worked for Arctic Enterprises. Whenthe plant closed down, she went to work at Thief River Falls for ArcticEnterprises sewing garments. After that, she worked at Lake Bronson forLutheran Social Service Nutrition program as site manager. In 1991-92,she worked on the mail route for the Karlstad Post Office. She now worksfor Roger and Judy Bogestad washing clothes. She also does clothes forher daughter, Cheryl, and my mother, Cindy. She helps my dad, Kent, someat the Phillips 66 Station.

My grandmother's favorite pastime is sewing. She has madeseveral stuffed animals for my brother and I.

She usually bakes lefsa every year for the holidays. Imake sure we get some.

In the winter time, she feeds birds outside her kitchenwindow. Last year she had a bird eat out of her hand, and one sat on hershoulder.

My grandmother has always been a caring person. When hermother was very ill, she took care of her. When her husband was very ill,she took care of him. When her daughter, Carol, was in a car accident,my grandmother was right beside her in the hospital. If it wasn't for mygrandmother, Carol would not be alive. To this day, she is caring for people.

My grandmother lives alone on the Vik Farm with her dog,Bo. She rents her land out to her neighbor. Her husband died in Septemberof 1984. She is 67 years old.

I got this information from my grandmother, Alice Vik


I got this information from my grandmother, Alice Vik