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Elaine Weibye


Jerry Weibye


6th Grade 1997, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My report is going to be about my mom. I feel I'm blessedto have a mother like her. She is kind, considerate and loves to talk.

My mother was born on August 30th, 1964, in Grafton, NorthDakota. Elaine Buckholz was born to Martin and Rozella Buckholz. She isthe third oldest child of ten kids.

She was raised in two main states which were Washingtonand North Dakota. In 1979, my mom moved over here in the flood of 1979. Her family moved from Edinburgh, North Dakota to Humboldt, Minnesota. Her stepfather, John McKay, started working at Motor Coach Industries inPembina, North Dakota.

When she was eighteen she left Minnesota and moved to Laredo,Texas, with some friends of hers. By car, it took her two and a half daysto get there. She didn't last very long because it was too hot for her!

On September 3rd, 1986, she married Marsall Jerome WeibyeJunior. They were married at Assembly of God Church in Hallock, Minnesota. She said it was a very beautiful wedding. She has lived in Kittson Countysince and plans to make Minnesota her home. She has two children, JerryJoseph Weibye and Anita Janice Weibye. She currently resides in Lancaster,Minnesota. Her hobbies are: plastic canvas sewing, going for walks, bikeriding, cooking, driving the car, talking, but most of all she likes visitingher friends!

Her most favorites are talking and cooking. She is forevertrying to get me and my sister to eat onions - which we hate a lot!!

There is one bad thing about my mom though, she has a diseasecalled cow diabetes. She is insulin dependent. She takes a shot in themorning and also one at night. In February of this year, she got very sickand now has to have surgery in Grand Forks, North Dakota sometime in July,on a tumor in her stomach. She still manages to stay in high spirits though. My grandma has diabetes very bad also. Diabetes is an inherited disease. My mom has hyperglaucemia, which means high blood glucose levels. Shealso watches her diet very closely. The main thing to watch is her sugarintake. She has had diabetes for ten years now. She was diagnosed withthe disease in 1986.

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