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Irene Belodeau Westman


Lenora Gorsuch


6th Grade 1994, Tri-County School, Karlstad,MN


Irene Belodeau was born on January 8, 1932 in Gorham, NewHampshire. She was born to George and Veronica Belodeau. She grew up inGorham, New Hampshire. She liked to put puzzles together and she likedto sew. When she was growing up, her best friend was Shirley Ghene. Irenewent to school at Gorham High School in Gorham, New Hampshire. She wentthrough the eleventh grade. She worked at the paper mill in Gorham aftershe left school.

She was married on January 8, 1954 to Eldor Westman. Theywere married in Gorham, New Hampshire. Irene and Eldor lived in Berlin,New Hampshire until they moved to Newfolden, Minnesota in 1954. They movedto a farm north of Newfolden. They had electricity. Irene helped do choreslike milking cows, feeding animals, and taking care of the garden. Sheused a wringer washer. Irene and Eldor have eleven children.

Irene worked on the potato harvester around Stephen, MNfrom 1953 until 1968. She took out chunks of dirt and rotten potatoes onthe harvester. She worked at the turkey plant in Thief River Falls for11 years. She worked from 1968 to 1979. She enjoyed it. She pulled crops. Someone took an eyeball out and handed it to her. She screamed. She workeduntil she had a stroke. She had to quit working because she is paralyzedon the left side. She still likes to do puzzles and likes to sew. Shealso likes to watch TV.

I got my information from Irene Belodeau Westman.

Irene Belodeau Westman.