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What A Family


Cindy Olsonawski


If you looked back in time you would see that everybodyis related. But now days you don't look at it that way. You just talk aboutyour first cousins and your Aunts and Uncles. We'll take a look at theones of Julia and Joseph Olsonawski. Going forwards and backwards. Julia'sparents were Joseph and Ann Vunk they were from the Old country. Theirchildren were Joe, John, Fete, Nelly, and Julia. Joe never got married. Nelly never got married. She is blind and is in a hospital in Winnipeg,Manitoba. John got married and has two boys. Pete and his wife have fourgirls and one boy. Joseph's father was married twice. The first child wasJoesy then Steven, Franky, Willian, and Kathen. Then their mother diedand he remarried and the children were Stanley, Fillex, Ed, Vincent, Anny,and Martha. They were all born in the Old Country, Poland. Joesy got marriedand had one child. Steven and his wife had seven children. William andwife had two children. Fillex got married they adopted two children. Edand his wife had one child. Vincent got married and wasn't so lucky ofhaving his own children so they adopted three children. Rosey was luckygot married and had three children. Hellen had five children. Victoryagain wasn't so lucky they has to adopt. So they adopted four children.

Julia Vunk and Joseph Olsonawski got married and they hadfourteen children. Bill, Cashmere, Andrew, Frances, John, Anton, Adam,Nary, Florine, Annie, Leona, Franky, Alice, and Joey. The father and threeof these children Joey, Frances, and Franky have passed away.

Bill the oldest married Eunice Colson. They have threechildren, two girls and one boy.

Cashmere married Pauline Krasha. They have seven children,four girls and three boys. Three of their girls are married so they haveseven grandchildren.

Then Andrew married Johanna Gorski. They had two boysand two girls. Two are married so they have two grand children.

Frances was married and had three children. Two of whomare married and have nine children.

John married Sophie Boreski and they have four boys.

Anton married Sophie Maslowski. They had five childrenthree boys and two girls.

Nary married Charles Reese and he works in the post office. They have two sons and one daughter.

Florine as girls do talk. "I will never marry a farmer." Sure - she married Ted Skorzewski and he is a farmer. They have sevenchildren. Five girls and two boys. Three were married so they. have twogrand children.

Ann married Vern Pearson. They have two girls. One marriedso, one grand child.

Leona found herself a farmer; Lewis Maslaski. They havefive girls and only one is married so have one grandson.

Last but not least Alice Nay married George Skorzewski. They have six children. Five girls and one boy.

So Grand Mother Olsonawski still has eleven living children.There are fifty five grand children and twenty two great grand children.

some people think this is a large family. And some thinkit is a small family. Just think it will be getting bigger and bigger.And it all started with one man and one woman. So we are all related. In the future people will be coming out of tubes. And they won't be relatedin the way people are today. So be glad you have the parents you have andthe relatives you have.


Olsonawski, Julia Resident of Orleans, Minnesota

Olsonawski, Johanna Resident of Hallock, Minnesota

a Resident of Hallock, Minnesota