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Lilly Wilson


Jamie Wilson


6th Grade 1996, Lancaster School, Lancaster,Minnesota


My grandmother and grandfather, Gill and Lilly Wilson,were very very special people. They really meant a lot to me.

I didn't really know very much about my grandma so I decidedto do my report on her. While I was learning stuff about her I knew thatshe was a special person!

Lilly was born in Lancaster in the year of 1912. She livedon the farm that belongs to Marven and Clara Laude. While she was growingup in Lancaster, she lived most of her life on a farm west of Lancaster.On the farm, she raised lots of animals like - sheep, pigs, chickens, andthey also had milk cows. She grew up in a house with six brothers and threesisters.

She attended school in Lancaster and was a very smart student! She really liked English, reading, and was a very good speller! She graduatedin Lancaster in the year of 1929.

After she graduated, she went down to the cities and wasa nanny for several years. Then she got married to Gill Wilson and movedto a little farm in Isanti, MN. Gill had a coal route and an ice route. He sold coal to heat things like houses and ice to keep things cold likea fridge or freezer. Back then, they did not have things like that.

Like I said, my grandma married a guy by the name of GilfordWilson in the year of 1931. They had 12 children - Doug, Pat, Dennis, Jerry,Patty, Ruthie, Susie, Greg, Peggy, Michelle, Micheal, and Jody.

I am very proud of my grandparents. It must have beenvery hard to raise money to feed them and give them shelter. I feel thatshe has raised them all very well and I think that they were AWESOME people!!!

While living down in the cities, they had Doug, Pat, Dennis,Jerry, Patty, and Ruthie. Then they moved to a small farm east of Lancaster. Here they raised sheep, pigs, and had milk cows. Plus they also had fivemore children which were: Susie, Greg, Peggy, Michelle and Micheal. Thentheir log house burned down in 1954 and had to move to town for a year.

Gill worked two other jobs other than farming. He wasa manager of a co-op store in Lancaster and was also a salesman.

They built another house in the country and moved intoit. They lived in that house until 1958. They they moved the house totown and had another child named Jody.

In the year of 1958, they bought the store in Lancasterand that was then how they made their living. In the year of 1968, theydecided to sell the store. In the year of 1964, Gill died and Lilly workedin it for four years with the help of her children.

Lilly worked in the Nursing Home till her retirement in1980. Then her health was getting worse and had to go into the NursingHome.

Even though she was sick with MS, she was still a verycheerful person! She was a happy kind of person who always made us feelgood and made us laugh when we came to visit her!!!

As you can see by reading this report, you can see thatboth of them are really special people!!! Now that I know more about them,I wish that they were still here with me so I could learn more about them. They went through good times and bad times together. I'm very proud ofboth of them!!!


The End!


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By: Jamie



By: Jamie