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Pearl Zahara


Heather Wallenberg


6th Grade 1995, Lancaster School, Lancaster,MN


My great-grandmother, Pearl Zahara, was born on November9, 1916 at Gardenton, Manitoba. She is 78 and is living in Lancaster, MN. Her parents were Jacob Zahara and Maria Kosawar. She had four sisters,four brothers, two half brothers. Two of them died of childhood illness.

They lived on a farm, owned a grocery store, and had 240acres of land. Her sister and brother worked in the store. Her Dad wouldhelp ship cattle and sheep. Her Mom would take care of the kids on the farm. Her Dad died in 1925 when she was only 8 years old.

Back in those days, they had only outdoor toilets. Theyhad to take baths in a tub. They had to get up very early so they wouldhave time to feed the sheep and many other chores. They had chores to doin the evening. In the summer, cattle had to be herded after school andthe chickens, sheep, geese, turkey, ducks, pigs, horses, and cows all hadto be fed.

Walking was the only way to get to school which was twoand a half miles for them. The girls enjoyed playing baseball, high jumping,racing, skipping rope, and hopscotch. Pearl was the highest in high jumping.

Pearl was married to Ed Wallenberg on February 23, 1935in Canada at Gardenton, Manitoba. They had three kids: Jim (my grandpa),Ronney and Caryn. They lived on the farm and raised cattle, sheep, geese,ducks, horses, and pigs. They also farmed 320 acres.

Ed and Stanley Wallenberg owned a 1020 International thresher. They went threshing for neighbors. He also worked at Kiene Farms for twoyears to make extra money. Pearl Wallenberg worked at Arctic Cat and asa Home Health Care Aide.

There were no telephones in those days. Electricity camein late 1968. No automatic washing machines and dryers. They washed clothesby hand and ironed them on heating stoves.

Ed died on December 31, 1983, but Great-Grandma Pearl isstill living in Lancaster.

Interview on April 20, 1995 with Pearl Wallenberg.

April 20, 1995 with Pearl Wallenberg.