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Miscellaneous Articles or Essays

Red Cross Letter to Alfred Rustad, Jr. and others in the service

St. Vincent, Mrs. Dick Lapp

Grandmas of Humboldt, Dave Boatz

The Red River Metis Journey - 2002

The Red River of the North, Henry Van Dyke, Jun. 1880

Poetic History of Orleans, Allan Hunter, 1897

High School Writer

Wisdom From Senior Citizens

Grasshopper Corner, Valerie Swenson

East Emmaus Church Gets New Coat of Paint

Peace Camp at Lake of the Woods, Larry Oakes, Star Tribune

The Story of West Lynne and the First Customs House in Western Canada, James McClelland


School Shooting, Darrell Scott

Trial of Louis Riel, Book Review by Prof. Michael Rustad

Things Said in 1959, Susan Klooze

Ode to the North

St. Vincent High School Sports 1927-1930, Prof. Michael Rustead

St. Vincent High School History, Prof. Michael Rustad

St. Vincent Borderlines of 1928 and Lost St. Vincent Memories, Prof. Michael Rustad.

Beautiful Cobbled Streets in Lund, Prof. Michael Rustad

Baseball, Scott Matthew

Virgil Bockwitz: Man of the Hour, Prof. Michael Rustad

The Good Old Days - Dennis Matthews

The Winter of 1965 - 1966 - Ralph Giffen

A local legend revisited - Casey Jones by Anna Jauhola