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Finney, Edward John
B: 14 Dec 1866
D: 09 Jan 1952, Hallock, MN
M: (1) Hannah Thompson
d. 1896 (four months after birth of Olive)
M: (2) Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick
d. 06 Nov 1952.

FN: John Finney
MN: Sara (or Sarah) Lightfoot

Children of Edward John Finney and Hannah Thompson:

Verna Maud Finney
B: 17 Sep 1892
D: 26 Apr 1893, seven months

Olive May Finney
B: 13 Jul 1894
D: 22 Nov 1895, four months

Children of Edward John Finney and Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick:

Edward Ward Finney (commonly known as "Ward")
B: 13 Jul 1901
D: 28 Jun 1969, Humboldt, Kittson, MN
Buried: 29 Jun 1969 in Hallock, Kittson Co, MN.
M: (1) Blanche Mary LeMasurier
M: (2) 07 Aug 1937, Ruby Turner b. 05 Sep 1916, dau of Ernest Turner and Della Lang.

Children of Edward Ward Finney and Blanche Mary LeMasurier:

Dorothy Blanche Finney
B: 1923
M: Phillip Huso, had 3 children

Kathryn Norma Finney
B: 1926
D: 14 Dec 1972, Wyoming, MN
M: Eugene Lawrence Gibson, Jr.

Max Edward Finney
B: 1927
D: 15 Feb 1992
M: Myrtle Doris Anderson


Edward Ward Finney (Mary Margaret4 FitzPatrick, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 13 Jul 1901 in Humboldt, Kittson, MN; died 28 Jun 1969 in Humboldt, Kittson Co, MN; buried

Notes for Ruby Turner

She lives in St Vincent, MN.

Children of Edward Ward Finney and Ruby Turner:

Lucille Finney, born 10 Nov 1938 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, Mn. Married to Rod Chale, they have three children and live in Pembina N.D.

Louise Finney, born 2 Mar 1941 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, Mn. She is married to Bob Scott and lives in Pembina, N.D.they have no children.

Douglas Finney, born 22 Dec 1942 in St Vincent, Mn. He lived in Pembina, ND. He has two girls.

Ethel Finney, born 22 Feb 1950 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, MN. She lived in Missouri and is single.

Keith Finney, born 28 Mar 1953 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, MN. He lived in Portland, N.D, 58274 P.O. Box 174 701-786-9067. They have two boys.

Clara Mae Finney
B: 1904
M: Raymond Kothe, of Lancaster

Mildred Finney
B: 1910
M: Dr. Anthony S. Berlin.

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