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Fitzpatrick, Edith Mae
B: 28 Apr 1908, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
D: 13 May 1993, Concord, Valley Manor, CA
Bur: 19 May 1993, Rose Hills, Whittier, California
M: (1) 1928, Norman Frederick Miller, Detroit, Michigan (divorced) b. 21 Oct 1898 d. 07 Sep 1935 in Detroit, MI Buried: 09 Sep 1935 in Trinity Luth Cem, Detroit, son of Henry Miller and Emma Wilkie
M: (2) 1935, Daniel Frederick Farley (divorced) b. 16 Apr 1896 in MN. d. 20 Jun 1947 in Detroit, MI, son of Michael Farley and Kathleen Sullivan
M: (3) 1945, Henry Bachman (divorced) b. 16 Nov 1904 in MI, d. Oct 1978 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.

FN: Frederick George Fitzpatrick
MN: Ella Lucas

Edith was the oldest of four daughters. Her mother went to Canada and thet hree older girls where raised on the poor farm in Hallock, Minn. Edith lived there until she was old enough to work, then she went to live with her father Fred Fitzpatrick in Detroit, Mich. She went as far as the 8th grade in the Hallock School. Edith spent most of her life in Detroit, marrying three times 1st to Norman Miller, 2nd Dan Farley, and 3rd to Henry Bachman.

She lived with a boyfriend Ed and his wife at 10813 Whitehill in Detroit until he died.

Notes for Norman Frederick Miller

Norman worked for Fruehuff Moving And Frieght Co. Mr. Fruehuff wanted him to go into the movings business with him, but he refused.

His first marriage was to Clara Genso and he had a daughter named Dorothy and a son Norman. The son died at 2 yrs of age. He is buried at the same Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan as Norman the father. Normans mother was Emma Wilkie born, 2 Oct 1870 in Detroit MI, died 26 Oct 1941 Detroit MI. Her second husband was Fred Doerfler they were married 14 Nov 1925. His father's name is Henry Miller at the present time, little is known about his father.

Notes for Daniel Frederick Farley

Occupation Steam fitter worked at Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Co. in Detroit Mi.

Death Certificate: State File # 366825 local file # 7746 shows he died at the Womens Hospital in Detroit MI on 6-20-47. A WWI Veteran SS#365-01-6633.

He lived in Detroit 30 Years.

He died of Kidney failure at the age of 51yr 2M 4D. He was a heavy drinker and smoker and had high blood preasure. At the time of his death ,he was married to a girl named Addie M Sanford, she had an older daughter. They lived at 4529 Lincoln in Detroit.

His wife recieved 2/3 of the estate while Dan his son, recieved 1/3.

Dan had two sisters Louella Farley, she married a Thom. The other sister was Mae Farley, she married and moved to Oakland Calif. They lived in a apartment on Park Ave. Her granddaughter was a golf pro in the golf circuit.

Notes for Henry Bachman

SS CD-ROM #374-05-4014. Occupation: Barber. After his divorce from Edith, he remarried, his new wife had twins.

Children of Edith Mae FitzPatrick and Norman Frederick Miller:

Norma Jane Miller, born 24 Jul 1929 in Detroit, Wayne, Mi; died 14 Mar 2003 in Clayton, CA; buried . Notes: Norma graduated from Michigan State. She went to Europe to teach school. She taught a 1st and 2nd combo class at the Chamble Air Force base in Chamble France. That is where she met her husband Bernard Krieg. He was also a teacher and her boss. They met at the Train Station in Metz France. He had come to meet his staff, " the teachers at Chamble Air Force Base". Norma also has tought School in Pittsburg California. She retired June 1994.

Children of Daniel Frederick Farley and Edith Mae FitzPatrick:

Daniel George Farley
B: 05 Oct 1935. Detroit, Wayne, MI
D: 30 Sep 1995 in Santa Monica, L.A Co., CA; Cremated.
M: (1) Barbara Burns
M: (2) Harvine Gillispey (married only 6 weeks then divorced)
M: (3) Sue White, she had a son named Michael White from a previous marriage. They eventually divorced.

Dan was just a child when his parents got divorced, he remained with his Father at 4529 Lincoln in Detroit MI. He was twelve years old when his father died in 1947. He remained at the home on Lincoln and was raised by his family friend and housekeeper, Ethel Klumpp. He graduated from St Dominics Catholic School in 1953. Dan married young and he and his first wife Barbara Burns lived in the basement of his fathers home, they lived there when his daughter Nancy Farley was born. They however got a divorce shortly after her birth and Nancy went to live with her Grandmother Edith Farley. She lived with her till she became an Adult.

Wife #2 was Harvine Gillispey, they were only married 6 weeks, then divorced. Wife #3 was Sue White, she had a son named Micheal White from a previous marriage. Dan & Sue moved to El Monte, CA, in 1960 and rented a house next to his cousin Jackie, on Redberry St. Later they moved to Farrago St in Temple City. They eventually got a divorce and Dan moved to Los Angeles. Dan worked for JPL in Pasadena and was an experienced pilot. He worked for a well known Airlines in L.A. and was in the Civil Air Patrol. SS#371-34-5555. He retired from Warner Studios. When working there, he was on the set of Sheldon Leonard's "Starskey and Hutch" show as well as" Charlie's Angels". He passed away at 12:10 am the 30th of Sept. 1995, after a long bout with prostate cancer. With him at the time of his death were his sister Norma and Hermie Ward is 4th wife. He died at the St. Johns Hospital in Sant Monica, CA.