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Fitzpatrick, Frederick George
B: 02 Apr 1869, Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 26 Jan 1950, Jackson, Wayne, MI
Bur: 28 Jan 1950, Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI
M: Ella Lucas b. 08 Nov 1875 or 08 Nov 1879 d. 08 Jan 1963 in Brandon, Manitoba, Buried: 11 Jan 1963, Brandon Mental Cemetery, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, dau of William Lucas and Elizabeth Smith.

FN: Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick
MN: Margaret Berry

Frederick was an Engineer on the Railroad. He abandoned his family and moved to Jackson, Michigan. As the girls became older and could work, he sent for them. Edith was the only one who went to live with him for awhile until she married. He was known as the blacksheep of the Fitzpatrick family.

Notes for Fredrick George FitzPatrick

Death Certificate for Frederick George Fitzpatrick #8202 28504 #122 Died in the Wayne County General Hospital. S.S.# 708-10-5961

Fredrick worked for the Grand Trunk Railroad, his common law wife Ella andhis five children followed him wherever he worked. He abandoned his family in Hallock MN and moved to Jackson, Michigan. Ella moved back to Canada taking Jean the youngest girl with her, she was said to have suffered a nervous breakdown. Her sister in Canada would not take her other 3 girls. She could not afford to care for them, she wanted them very much. Their Uncle Jack Finney placed them at the county poor farm. The older girls Edith, Kay and Stella were placed in the Poor Farm in Hallock MN. As the girls became older and could work, he sent for them. Edith was the only daughter who went to live with him. She stayed until she married. He remarried a women named Margaret last name unknown. He was a widower when he died and was living at the time with his daughter, Kay Woehrle at 21475 Frazer Rd. in Detroit MI. He was known as the blacksheep of the Fitzpatrick family. His children always treated him with respect and he was included in their families.

A headstone was purchased for his grave in 1997 paid for by his grandchildren.

Notes for Ella Lucas

Personal History: Born in Emerson in 1880. Her mother had no trouble at the time of her birth. She was bottle fed and always healthy as a child. She says she was always on the go. Played ball, skated, played the piano and sang in the choir. School from seven to sixteen yrs old. Reached grade eight. She was slow in learning but liked history. She stayed at home after leaving school helping her mother with the other children. She left home at twenty-one going to Minnesota where she had a cousin and worked as a domestic in a boarding house. She stayed for four years. She states that she married at twenty-six to Fred Fitzpatrick who was thirty-six and probable a brakeman. There were four children. No record of a marriage to Frederick Fitzpatrick has been found and she was not known as Ella Fitzpatrick, only Ella Lucas. Fred abandoned them and she had no place to live, so she moved from St Vincent, MN. to Winnipeg Manitoba in 1914 to be near her sisters, Jennie and Kay.

Her sister Jennie had just got married and Kay was still in school, they did not want to take the responsibility of caring for her or her four girls, with whom she wanted with her.. Her mother was dead and her father was ill.I have copies of two letters written between her sister Jennie Lord and Jack Finney, who was a county commissioner at the time, in Hallock, MN. He was a husband of Freds sister Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick. Because the family in Canada would not care for her children, a decision was made by Mr. Finney to put them on the the Hallock Poor Farm to live. Her youngest daughter the baby Jean, went with Ella. "There are no illegitimate children--only illegitimate parents".

She died after surgery for a broken right hip of a pulmonary embolism. Other conditions right Bronchopneumonia. She was blind at the time of her death.

Children of Frederick George Fitzpatrick and Ella Lucas:

1. Edith Mae Fitzpatrick
B: 28 Apr 1908, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
D: 13 May 1993, Concord, Valley Manor, CA
Bur: 19 May 1993, Rose Hills, Whittier, California
M: (1) 1928, Norman Frederick Miller, Detroit, Michigan (divorced) b. 21 Oct 1898 d. 07 Sep 1935 in Detroit, MI Buried: 09 Sep 1935 in Trinity Luth Cem, Detroit, son of Henry Miller and Emma Wilkie
M: (2) 1935, Daniel Frederick Farley (divorced) b. 16 Apr 1896 in MN. d. 20 Jun 1947 in Detroit, MI, son of Michael Farley and Kathleen Sullivan
M: (3) 1945, Henry Bachman (divorced) b. 16 Nov 1904 in MI, d. Oct 1978 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.

2. Kathleen Isabel Fitzpatrick
B: 04 Jun 1909, Adicocan, Manitoba, Canada
C: 13 Apr 1925, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hallock, Minnesota
D: 02 Apr 1988, Humana Hospital, Augusta, GA
Bur: 05 Apr 1988, Evans, Church Cem., GA
M: 20 Jan 1934, Myrton William Woehrle, Moorehead, Minnesota, son of William John Woehrle and Goldie E. Woodworth.

3. Stella Fern Fitzpatrick
B: 21 Sep 1910, Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
C: 1911
D: 13 May 1999, Arrowhead, San Bernardino, CA
Buried: 24 May 1999, Rose Hills Cemetery, Whittier, CA
M: 24 Dec 1932, Lawrence Bennett Jones, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, b. 29 May 1900 in Bay City, Bay, MI d. 07 Sep 1983, in Temple City, LA, CA Buried 09 Sep 1983 in Rose Hills, Whittier, CA, son of Benjamin Jeffreys Jones and Mina Anna Bennett.

4. Jean Fitzpatrick
B: 19 Jun 1913, Virginia, MN, USA
D: 17 Sep 1992, Arcadia, California, USA
BUR: 30 Sep 1992, Los Angeles, L. A. County, California, USA
M: (1) 1965, Lester Ernest Zibell, Long Beach, California, USA
M: (2) Jack Cottrell
M: (3) Unknown

5. George Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1914
D: Abt 1915 Died young, city of birth unknown.