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Fitzpatrick, Mary Margaret
B: 14 Mar 1879, Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 06 Nov 1952, St. Vincent, Kittson, MN, USA
Buried: 08 Nov 1952, St. Vincent Cemetery, Kittson, MN
M: 1898, Edward John Finney, St. Vincent, Kittson, MN, USA, son of John Finney and Sara Lightfoot.

FN: Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick
MN: Margaret Berry

Children of Edward John Finney and Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick:

Ward Finney

Clara Finney

Mildred (Millie) Finney
B: 02 Nov 1910, St. Vincent, MN
D: 08 Jan 1985, Anaheim, CA
M: 1940, Anthony S. Berlin, Doctor, in St. Paul. who was b. 01 Jan 1907 in Chicago d. 07 Dec 1973, Anaheim, Orange Co, CA. He died of rabies that he contacted from a patient. She died several years later in California.


After a long, hard but enjoyable life, E.J. and Mary began to age very quickly. Mary developed a bad case of arthritis and became bed-ridden. Because of Mary's illness, E.J. decided to find a place in Hallock in which to live. They lived there until E.J. passed away on Jan 9 1952, from an embolism. Mary's death followed the same year on November 6, 1952. Mary's family had lived and died in St Vincent.

His first wife was Hannah Thompson. They had two little girls; Verna Maud Finney, born 17 Sept 1892 and Olive May Finney born 13 July 1894. Verna died April 26, 1893, at seven months and Olive died Nov. 22, 1894 at the age of four months. Hannah passed away shortly after Olive. Three years after his first wife Hannah died he met and married Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick. They settled down on his homestead and started to raise a family. This claim is about three miles north of Humboldt and about five miles east of St Vincent. In 1920 they sold their farm to Madge Peterson, who had come to Kittson Co. from Nebraska. The Finney family then moved to St Vincent.

When E.J got to St Vincent, he got the urge to start up an implement store.

The store was just across the street from Sylvester's store. Three years after E.J. started his business, his building caught fire and burned to the ground. He never did rebuild his establishment.

E.J. was a man who liked to be totally involved at all times. He liked to help people around him. He was elected to the office of Vice-President of the St Vincent Elevator Company's Board of Directors. In the early twenties, he was elected to the office of County Commisioner of the Fifth District. He held the office for a period of twenty years. It was through E.J. Finney's efforts, that the pesent bridge spanning the Red River was erected. E.J was the Secretary-Treasurer of the Northern Telephone Co. He was also an insurance agent for Fireman's Ins. of Newark, N.J.

He was also the man who put Fred Fitzpatrick daughters; Edith, Kathleen and Stella in the Hallock poor farm.

Because of poor health E.J. decided to move to Hallock where they lived until he passed away on Jan 9, 1952 from an embolism.

1920 Census:

Finney, Edward J, 54 b Iowa Mfg Machine Co.
Finney, Mary wife 40
Finney, Ward son 18 Finney, Clara dau, 15, Finney, Mildred 9

Children of Mary Margaret FitzPatrick and Edward John Finney:

Edward Ward Finney
B: 13 Jul 1901, Humboldt, Kittson, MN
D: 28 Jun 1969, Humboldt, Kittson Co, MN
Buried: 29 Jun 1969, Hallock, Kittson Co, MN
M: Ruby Turner.

Clara Mae Finney
B: 06 Jul 1904, Humboldt, Kittson Co, MN
D: Jun 1968, CA
Buried: Jun 1968, Lancaster, MN.
M: 02 Apr - , Raymond Kothe, Lancaster, Kittson Co, MN b. 05 Feb 1905, Lancaster, Kittson Co, MN; d. 02 Feb 1978, St Vincent, Kittson Co, MN, Buried: 06 Feb 1978 in Hallock, Kittson, MN. She taught piano.

Mildred Finney
B: 02 Nov 1910, St Vincent, Kittson, MN
D: 08 Jan 1985, Anaheim, Orange Co. CA.
M: Anthony S. Berlin, Doctor