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Fitzpatrick, Richard Adam
B: 30 Jun 1882, Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 25 Apr 1975, St. Vincent, Kittson, MN, USA
Bur: Apr 1975, St. Vincent, Kittson, MN, USA
M: 1908, Isabel Elizabeth Buckman b. 1887 d. 15 Jan 1955

FN: Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick
MN: Margaret Berry

Children of Richard Adam Fitzpatrick and Isabel Elizabeth Buckman:

Rita Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1910
M: Abt 1930, Felix Rene (North Dakota Highway Department) b. Abt 1910

Children of Felix Rene and Rita Fitzpatrick
1. Karen Ann Rene
B: Abt 1930
M: Abt 1950, Al Metri, divorced (Karen lives in Bismark, ND)

Isabelle Fitzpatrick
B: 1910

Isabel FitzPatrick (Richard Adam4, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 4 Mar 1910 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn; died abt 1980. She married in Pembina, Nd York Langton.

Notes for Isabel FitzPatrick

MARRIAGE: York Langton. Owned hardware store in Pembina N.D. Not sure of birth year.

Notes for York Langton

Owned a hardware store in Pembina, ND

Children of Isabel FitzPatrick and York Langton:

Rita Langton. Lived in Bismark ND 719 N Mandan 58501. She married a man named Felix Rene.

Myrtle Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1912
M: Abt 1932, Unknown Lovejoy b. Abt 1912

Children of Unknown Lovejoy and Myrtle Fitzpatrick:

Charles Thomas Lovejoy
B: 30 Apr 1942
M: Jacqueliine Erickson b. 17 May 1941


Ruth Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1916
M: Glen Lindsey b. Abt 1916 (he had a daughter from previous marriage)

Children of Glen Lindsey and Ruth Fitzpatrick:
1. Tim Lindsey
B: Abt 1938
M: Married and lives in Salt Lake City, UT and has 2 - 3 children

2. Daughter Lindsey
B: Abt 1940

Francis Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1918
M: (1) Abt 1938 -------- Dunn and lived in Augusta, Georgia. b. Abt 1918
M: (2) Abt 1950, Vernon Tolton, a baker by trade b. Abt 1918

Children of Vernon Tolton and Francis Fitzpatrick:
1. Patrick Tolton
B: Abt 1952
M: married and lives in George, has many children.

2. Charlotte Tolton
B: Abt 1953, married someone who worked for an oil company and had 2 children.

Fern Fitzpatrick
B: Abt 1920
Abt 1950, Jackson, b. Abt 1920, a railroad man who had a son from a previous marriage named Richard (Dickie). Dickie lives in Tacoma, WA and has 2 - 3 kids.

Richard A. Fitzpatrick was the depot agent for the Great Northern Railway at St. Vincent, Minnesota and lived at Pembina, North Dakota, just across the bridge.

He had 6 daughters: Rita, Myrtle, Issabelle, Ruth, Fran, and Fern.

He was the only agent at the St. Vincent depot. He came west as a surveyor's rod holder for James J. Hill building the railroad from Minneapolis to Fargo. Then when the crews split up, his crew went north to Winnipeg. He was given his choice of terminals on the line as he stayed on the job from start to finish.

He had a photographic memory and could remember the numbers on the boxcars on each train that went by and retain it for up to two weeks. He rarely forgot anything. They would call him and ask which train had which car - tracing - and more often than not, he could tell them exactly which train and when.

He retired from the railroad with 75 years of service and did get a watch. He would send and receive messages on the telegraph with both hands simultaneously.

He bought bundles of factory seconds in the east each summer and had a sale in the back of the depot each fall for kids to get clothes for school, shoes too.

He had a big garden down by the river (across the street from his house) and when I was a boy he had raised a pet crow- Jim- that had fallen from it's nest and had split its tongue so it could would fly down from the treetops and take food from his hand...he would say "hello Jim" and the bird would reply "hello Dick". The strawberries from his garden were some of the best in the country as the Red River would flood each spring and replenish the soil with fresh nutrients.

All of the daughters are gone now, but their decendents are alive and well.. I'm sure many remember the tall skinny old man who ran the depot at St. Vincent, and the passel of kids he raised.

Received November 29, 1998 from Tom Lovejoy, son of Myrtle, grandson of Richard.


Richard Adam FitzPatrick (Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 30 Jun 1882 in Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada; died 25 Apr 1975 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; buried 12 May 1975 in St Vincent Cemetery. He married on 18 Mar 1908 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn Isabella Elizabeth Buckman Maude, born 1888 in Minnisota; died 15 Jan 1955 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; buried 17 Jan 1955 in St Vincent Cemetery.

Notes for Richard Adam FitzPatrick

Obituary: Services were held Monday April 28, 1975 at 2:00 P.M. at the Emerson Baptist Church in Emerson Manitoba, officiating Rev. James Davey. Pallbearers were Warren Clow, Paul Brown, Herbert Eater, Gordon Short, Richard Lapp and Dwight Finney. Interment is at St Vincent Cemetery, St Vincent, MN. Plot A15. He was 92 yrs old.

Census 1920 St Vincent,Kittson Co, MN Jan. 10, 1920 shows:

Fitzpatrick, Richard, had rented home on 5th St. M W 37 M 1882 to U.S naturalized 1887 born Canada Irish and both parents born Canada.

Fitzpatrick, Maude wife, F W 32 born MN and both parents born MN.

Daughters: Rita age 11, Isabel age 9, Fern age 8 and Frances age 5.

1930 Census, St Vincent, Kittson Co. MN roll T 626_1103 pg 1A ed 30 image 0536

Fitzpatrick, Richard A. mw age 47 b. Canada

Fitzpatrick, Gabel wife age 42

Fitzpatrick, Rita, f w dau age 21

Fitzpatrick, Fern dau f.m age 18

Fitzpatrick, Myrtle dau age 9 , Ruth dau age 5,

Notes for Isabella Elizabeth Buckman Maude

Died at the age of 67. Buried Plot A-14 beside of husband Richard.

Children of Richard Adam FitzPatrick and Isabella Elizabeth Buckman Maude:

Rita FitzPatrick, born 22 Oct 1908 in St Vincent, Kittson, Minn; died Jul 1995 in Bismarck, ND. She married abt 1920 Felix Rene, born 26 Jun 1908; died Dec 1974 in Bismarck, Nd. Notes: They lived at 719 North Mandan St, Bismarch, ND 58501-3616 701-223-8787. !SS#502-32-6325 gives date of birth and death.

Isabel FitzPatrick, born 4 Mar 1910 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn; died abt 1980. She married York Langton.

Fern FitzPatrick, born 22 Nov 1912 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn; died abt 1985. Notes: MARRIAGE: 1st to Jackson and 2nd to Hanson. Approximate date for birth year.

Frances FitzPatrick, born 30 Dec 1914 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; died 16 Jan 1996 in Aiken, SD; buried 20 Jan 1996 in Aiken, SD. She married Vernon Tolton.

Myrtle FitzPatrick, born 22 Sep 1916 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn; died Mar 1996 in , Or. She married Charles Lovejoy.

Ruth FitzPatrick, born 15 Feb 1918 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; died abt 1975. Notes: Never married. Birth year is approximation.