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Fitzpatrick, Sheldon Albert Jr.
B: 23 Nov 1876, Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 15 Mar 1965, St. Vincent, Kittson, MN, USA
M: 29 Mar 1906, Elizabeth Jane Fitzgerald, St. Vincent, MN, USA. Dau of William and Elizabeth Fitzgerald who migrated from Prince Edward Island, Canada in the lat 1800's. She d. Dec 1974, age 87.

FN: Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick
MN: Margaret Berry

Children of Sheldon Albert Fitzpatrick, Jr. and Elizabeth Jane Fitzgerald:

John Fitzpatrick

Clara Fitzpatrick
B: 05 Dec 1906, St. Vincent, MN
D: 06 Jun 1960, MN
M: (1) Barney Johnson (divorced)
M: (2) Byron Chitwood

Irene Fitzpatrick
B: 08 Jun 1908, St. Vincent, MN
D: 1993
M: 02 Jun 1926, Leo V. Houser b. 19 Jun 1900 d. Apr 1985 in IL.

Albert Fitzpatrick

Harriet Ellen Fitzpatrick
M: 13 Feb 1943, Gordon Leo Short

 Notes for Sheldon Albert FitzPatrick Jr.

Albert with the rest of the family left Scarboro Ontario in 1882, taking a train to this area where his father had already migrated. Having secured a yoke of oxen, they settled on a farm east of St. Vincent near the Joe River. He never forgot the severe winter spent in a poorly built frame house whose walls became coated with ice from the moisture inside. Many a morning he woke to find snow had filtered in and lay on the bed covers. The following spring they moved to St. Vincent taking residence where Warren Clow now lives, altho in a different house. St. Vincent was then a thriving village, having grown considerably since it had been founded before 1800 as a fur-trading post. Albert received his education in a one-room school, taught by a male teacher. Al and his brother Dick, being of an adventurous nature, had to try their luck at going north to strike a claim. They had a beautiful horse called Dan which they took with them. They rode in a boxcar with the horse north to Grandview Manitoba to seek their fortune. Unforeseen things took place that led them to believe the grass wasn't as green on the other side of the fence so they had to sell the horse to finance their trip home again. Albert was a drayman for a freight office. He was to pickup a crate at the Methodist Pastor and Mrs. Manly house. Elizabeth Fitzgerald was working there and when he saw the hired girl, it was the start of a two year courtship. They were married in March 1906 by Rev. Alex Karr. They made their home in St Vincent where Al did carpenter work for awhile, later taking on such jobs as running the Red River Ferry for 2 years, serving as school janitor, carrying mail to Noyes and back, being Mayor of the town and serving on the village council for many years.

1920 Census film 1820841 e.d.69 sh9 l 77 Born Canada came to U.S. 1880 Naturalized 1888, shows Wife Eliz 31 b. MN Clara, 13 Irene 11, John 10 and Alberta, 7. Living on 7th St.

1930 Census St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN T626-1103 page 2 b ed 30 image 0540 Shows;

Fitzpatrick, Albert m w age 52 b. Canada
Eliz. wife f w age 42 b. MN
Fitzpatrick, John mw age 20 b. MN, Alberta dau fw age 17 b. MN and Harriett age 8 b. MN

Notes for Elizabeth Jane FitzGerald

Her parents were Wm & Eliz Fitzgerald and they migrated from Prince Edward Island to the small village of St Vincent in the late 1800's.

When she was 16 she met Albert Fitzpatrick. They were united in marriage by Rev. Alex Karr. They made their home in St Vincent, MN. She loved to care for sick people and also to help the doctor deliver new lives into this world. She had only a third grade education but had trained her mind to record things so well that she could remmember the minute details as the doctor would tell her. She estabished a licensed Maternity home hospital in her home in the 1930's. The home they built is still used today and occupied by her daughter Harriet Short and her husband. In 1956 Elizabeth had a stroke and was unable to carry on as she once did so she slowly went into retirement. Albert became bedridden and she cared for him as long as she was able. He went into the hospital in Feb and died in March 1965 at 88 yrs of age. In December of 1967 she had to have her right leg amputated as a result of diabetes and complications. She had to resort to the wheelchair. She lived with her daughters for five years and then had to go to the Hallock Nursing Home the final two years of her life. She passed away at 87 yrs of age in Dec of 1974.

Children of Sheldon Albert FitzPatrick Jr. and Elizabeth Jane FitzGerald:

Clara FitzPatrick
B: 05 Dec 1906, St Vincent, Kittson, MN
D: 06 Jun 1960, MN.
M: (1) Barney Johnson
M: (2) Byron Chitwood.

Irene FitzPatrick
B: 08 Jun 1908, St Vincent, Kittson, MN
D: 1993
M: Leo V. Houser

Edward John FitzPatrick
B: 01 Sep 1910, St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN
D: 27 Jun 1954, St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN
Buried: Jun 1954, St Vincent Cemetery
M: 03 Nov 1932, Lena Paul in St. Vincent, MN. b. 04 Jul 1914 in MN.

Notes for Edward John FitzPatrick

They had 3 girls. Elaine, one of the twins, was hit by a car, and the other twin girl drowned with the oldest girl. They went to work with their father who was going to work out in the field and the girls decided to go swimming in the Pond nearby. He heard them screaming for help so he went into the water to save them, but he cramped up and drowned. The really sad thing is it all happened in year 1954.

Children of Edward John FitzPatrick and Lena Paul:

Marlene FitzPatrick, born 25 Jul 1941 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, MN; died 27 Jun 1954 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, MN; buried 28 Jun 1954 in St Vincent Cemetery. Notes: Marlene drowned in a pond, along with her sister Alice and her father Edward John, who tried to save them..

Alice FitzPatrick Twin, born 24 Jul 1943 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, Mn; died 27 Jun 1954 in St Vincent, Kittson Co, Mn; buried Jul 1954 in St Vincent Cem, St Vincent, Kittson Co, Mn. Notes: Alice drowned along with her sister Marlene and father Edward John.

Elaine Ann FitzPatrick Twin, born 24 Jul 1943 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; died 3 Mar 1954 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; buried Mar 1954 in St Vincent Cemetery. Notes: Elaine was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver on the way home from school.

Alberta Mae FitzPatrick, born 13 Jul 1912 in St Vincent, Kittson, MN. She married John D Beaudette.

Alberta Mae FitzPatrick (Sheldon Albert4, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 13 Jul 1912 in St Vincent, Kittson, MN. She married on 13 Jun 1937 in Big Falls, MN John D Beaudette, born 7 May 1910 in Bemidji, MN; died Nov 1982 in Bemidji, Mn; buried in Bemidji, MN.

Notes for Alberta Mae FitzPatrick

She is married to John Beaudette on June 13, 1937. They have 2 children Delphine, and John D Jr. They now live in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Children of Alberta Mae FitzPatrick and John D Beaudette:

Dalphine Ann Beaudette, born 5 Mar 1938 in St Vincent, Kittson, MN. Married Robert Conley in Wisconsin.

John Desmond Beaudette, born 1 Sep 1941, Bemidji, Mn. Married and divorced from Cheri Jewett, Bemidji, MN. He is a body repairman/Navy