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Florance, Edwin Charles (or Edward) C. ("E.C.")
B: 25 Feb 1838, Frindsbury, sub-district Strood, County of Kent, England
D: 19 Apr 1928, White Hospital, Lewiston, ID. Buried: Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA.
M: 29 Mar 1858, Margaret Riddell in Collingwood, Simoe County, Ontario, Canada, Margaret b. 08 Aug 1837, in Glasgow, Scotland on the banks of the Clyde River. She was of the Cameron clan. She was dau of John Riddell and Margaret Russell of Scotland who had 5 siblings in addition to Margaret Riddell. Margaret d. 20 Nov 1923 in Asotin, WA and is buried in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA. A cemetery plot was purchased earlier in the Asotin Cemetery but neither E.C. nor Margaret were buried there. Twelve children were born to this union in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada with all birth dates taken from the family Bible.

FN: John George Florance
MN: Janette Unknown

Children of Edward C. Florance and Margaret Riddell:

1. John George (Jack) Florance
B: 09 Feb 1859, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 31 Dec 1946. Buried: in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA.
M: Melinda C. Unknown, from Canada (Eng)

2. Louisa May Florance
B: 03 Aug 1860, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 02 Jan 1956. Buried: Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA
M: 1882, Theo P. Ricard, in St. Vincent, MN who d. 1910 in ND. Lou is buried in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA.

Child of Theo Ricard and Louisa May Florence:
1. Mabel F. Ricard
B: 1890
D: 1920 of tuberculosis. Buried in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA

3. Esther Cathern Florance
B: 31 ? Apr 1863, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 20 Feb 1866, of croup in Collingswood, Ontario, Canada

4. Edwin Charles (Charley) Florance
B: 26 Feb 1864, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 21 Apr 1865, of croup in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

5. Stephen Charles (Charlie) Florance
B: 20 Feb 1866
D: 13 Mar 1931. Buried: Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA. Head stone reads "Charles S. Florence."
M: (1) Luella E. Unknown d. 05 Jan 1911.
M: Jun 1912, (2) Jesse Phillips
Charlie was active in civic affairs and was Asotin County Treasurer at one time and a newspaper editor in Asotin County at another time.

Child of Stephen Charles Florance and Luella E. Unknown:
1. Sidney Florance b. Aug 1893 d. 20 Jun 1904.

Children of Stephen Charles Florance and Jesse Phillips:
1. Eleanor Ruth Florance b. 1916
2. Hester Florance
3. Jean Florance
4. Nola Florance
5. Charles Phillip b. 1923

6. Margaret (Maggie) Florance
B: 29 Nov 1867, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 1957. Buried: Scottsdale, AZ
M: (1) Allen H. Orr. They had one son, John, and two or three daughters, one named Ruth.
M: (2) Bert Robinson, a druggist in Hallock, MN

7. Robert Riddell Florance
B: 30 Nov 1869, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 14 Nov 1885. Buried: Pembina, ND.
Note: His grave was marked at the time of his death, but marker was lost by the next Spring.

8. James Florance
B: 05 Nov 1871, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 09 Sep 1972. Buried: Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA
M: 03 Jul 1905, Pearle Shaner, in Spokane, WA. She was b. 1880 d. 1929 and is buried in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA.
James owned the general store in Humboldt, MN and Mayme Jury looked after his needs and also ran the store.

Children of James Florance and Pearle Shaner:
1. Edna Bertie Winnie Florance
B: 15 Apr 1906
D: 28 Dec 1972 in Delaware, RI
M: Erwin O. Christensen, who was a curator in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
They adopted two children: Jim and Judith

2. Robert D. Florance
B: 29 Jan 1910, Seattle, WA
D: 04 Aug 1999, Wisconsin. Supposed to have been buried in Vineland Cemetery, Clarkston, WA.
M: 05 Apr 1941, LaVerne Lewis b. 1909 d. Dec 1994, in Clarkston, WA. No children.
Robert was an engineer and served in the U.S. Army in WWII.

9. Jeanette (aka Nettie) Florance
B: 20 Dec 1873, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: Jul 1964. Buried: Alexandria, MN.
M: 17 Sep 1897, Henry W. Ludke, Brown's Valley, Douglas County, MN. Henry owned a general store in Brown's Valley, had a wholesale food company in Alexandria, and served as a mayor of Alexandria. Henry d. end of Jan 1950. Jeanette was a school teacher.

Children of Henry Ludke and Jeanette Florance:
1. Fern Ludke
B: circa 1898, in Brown's Valley
D: Age 2 1/2 scarlet fever

2. Carol Gretchen Ludke (called Gretchen)
B: 12 Dec 1901, Brown's Valley
D: After 1990.
M: 03 Sep 1930, Ross Lee Finney, a musician and composer.
Children of Rose Lee Finney and Carol Gretchen Ludke:
Ross Lee Finney III b. 31 May 1933
Henry Christopher Finney b. 30 Sep 1936

3. Henry W. Ludke, Jr.
B: 1907
D: 1951, embolism following gall bladder surgery.
M: Lula Mae Thurston
Children of Henry W. Ludke, Jr. and Lula Mae Thurston:
Joan Ludke b. 1937
Jim Ludke b. 1941
Janet Ludke b. 1946

10. Edwin R. (Edward or Ted) Florance
B: Jan 1875 or 1876, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
D: 22 Dec 1968, Orange County, CA. Buried: Houston, TX.
M: (1) Ann Blanche Carey
M: (2) Mildred Giesfield

11. Sidney R. Florance
B: 03 Dec 1877, Collingwood, Ontario
D: 19 Apr 1956/57, Bellevue, Washington
M: 20 Oct 1903, Beatrix Mizer, probably in Chicago, IL. Beatrix was from Red Cloud, Nebraska. Sidney owned a bank in Red Cloud. Five children were born to this marriage.

1. Beatrix ("Bicky") Josephine born 24 Sept 1905 in Red Cloud; she married Dr. Lloyd Mousel, chief anestheologist at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, WA. They had one son who was a doctor who died in 1993 and another son who was an attorney.

2. Sidney Mizer ("Pat") born in 1910 in Red Cloud, died in 1993; he married Agnes Grace on 14 Jan 1939. Three children were born to this marriage: (1) Patrick Michael born 10 Sept 1941, (2) Robert Alan born 18 April 1943 and (3) Patricia Deanne born 22 January 1949.

3. Edwin Charles ("Ted") born 7 July 1912 in Red Cloud, Nebraska; married Carol Unknown born 11 May 1915. Ted was an aeronautical engineer. Ted and Carol had no children.

4. Ronald Kelgore born 1914; married Virginia P. Newkirk. Ronald was an engineer. Ronald and Virginia had three children: (1) Janet Marjorie born 1944; married Stephen Brown who was born in 1945; they had two children. (2) James Ronald born in 1948, died in 1970 of cancer. (3) Jeffrey Sidney born in 1956, married Nighta MacMillan; they had three children.

5. Keith Riddell ("Bud") born in 1916; married Shirley Unknown; they had no children. Keith died of a heart attack.

12. Edna Winnifred (Winnie) Florance
B: 17 Sep 1879, Collingwood, Ontario
D: 29 May 1957, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Buried there.
M: 07 Nov 1899, Dr. Edwin J. Davidson, veterinarian, in Northcote, MN, ceremony officiated by Rev. Peabody. Ed d. 1922/23 of cancer.

Three children were born to this marriage:
1. Infant son born and died at birth 13 Jan 1903.

2. Lorne Edwin born 25 Jan 1904; married unknown person - no children born to this marriage. Lorne was a dentist.

3. Margaret Florance Davidson born 12 Feb 1907, died 20 Dec 1993; she married Russell Berge. Two children were born to this union: (1) Thomas Ted born 1936 and (2) Douglas D. born 1938.

Edward Florance, boots & shoes, Huron Street Collingwood
Source Barrie Foundry and Machine Shop
Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Simcoe
For 1872-3 Page 75 W. H. Irwin Editor and Compiler.

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