Fowler, Lester Newton
D: Unknown
M: Lenora Garceau

FN: Nels Peterson
MN: Carolyn Mattson

Children of Lester Newton Fowler and Hattie Peterson:

Chester N. Fowler, Sr.
B: 16 May 1893, Hallock, MN
D: 1962
M:14 Apr 1917, Lenora Garceau

Children of Chester Fowler, Sr. and Lenora Garceau:

John (Jack) Elwood Fowler
B: 27 Jan 1918
M: 21 Apr 1946, Delia Nellie Craigmile, they had 3 daughters:

Valerie Louise Fowler
M: Anthony Budimer

Cheryl Nell Fowler
M: Douglas Nelson

Barbara Ann Fowler
M: Stephen Skjold

Child of Stephen Skjold and Barbara Fowler:

Christopher John Skjold

Joan Blanche Fowler
B: 08 Feb 1926, Kennedy, MN
D: 09 Nov 2006, Mountain View Hospital, Las Cruces, N.M>
M: 22 Feb 1953, Fred L. Taylor

Child of Fred L. Taylor and Blanche Joan Fowler:

Nicholas Taylor (adopted)

Chester Newton Fowler, Jr.
M: Mary Brink

Children of Chester Fowler, Jr. and Mary Brink:

Andrea Fowler

Nancy Jo Fowler