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Fowler, William Allan
M: 05 Dec 1942, Jeanette Caswick, in Chicago, IL

William served in World War II and Caye Caswick has photographs of their wedding as well as some others including photographs of William in his uniform.

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of William Allan Fowler and Jeanette Caswick:

1. Margaret Helen Fowler (a/k/a Peggy)
B: 8/9/46, Chicago, IL
M: 9/5/64, Ronald Istad of Blue Island, IL

Children of Ronald Istad and Margaret Helen Fowler:

1. William Ronald Istad
B: 2/7/65
M: Gina Unknown of Blue Island, IL

2. Christine Istad
B: 5/27/66

3. Ronald G. Istad
B: 6/14/68

4. Jennifer Istad

2. Suzanne Marie Fowler
B: 9/27/49, Chicago, IL

3. Ruth Fowler
B: 6/12/54, Chicago, IL
M: Robert Carroll of Chicago, IL

Children of Robert Carrol and Ruth Fowler:
1. Lori Jean Carrol
B: 5/12/80

2. Adam Carrol
B: 4/??/86


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