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Gatheridge, Mary Jane
B: 22 Aug 1858
D: 09 Nov 1938
M: Josiah Sims
d. 21 Nov 1912

FN: William Gatheridge
MN: Unknown

Children of Josiah Sims and Mary Jane Gatheridge:

1. Margaret (Maggie) Sims
B: 12 Feb 1895
M: Wilfred Vercoe b. 23 Jan 1895. Had nine children.

Children of Wilfred Vercoe and Maggie Sims:
1. Eveline Mary Vercoe
B: 01 May 1921
M: Albert Moffat
They had three children and lived in a town called Moffat in Scotland. It is believed they were there as of 3-24-1994.

2. Margaret Ruby Vercoe
B: 15 Sep 1922
D: She may have passed away in 1993.
M: Bill Solomon
They had one son and lived in St. Austell.

3. William Josiah Vercoe
B: 11 Apr 1924.
Also lived in St. Austell and had 3 children (two boys and a girl). His wife passed awa a couple of years ago (circa 1992).

4. Victor Joseph Vercoe
B: 19 Jan 1926
D: He died suddenly from heart attack around 1992
M: Frances.
Lived in St. Austell and had two sons.

5. Ethelle Faye Vercoe
B: 27 Nov 1928
M: Peter Pink. Lives in Bath.
They had three children - two boys and one girl, or visa versa.

6. Phyllis Joyce Vercoe
B: 26 Feb 1930
M: Gerald Roberts.
Had three children. Moved to Australia.

7. Wilford Kenneth Vercoe
B: 14 Aug 1933.
Might live in an apartment next to his sister in Bugle, also in suburb of St. Austell.

8. Mujriel Jean Vercoe
B: 07 Jan 1935
M: Dennis Woolcock
Jean is the one Kenneth lives close to.

9. Geoffrey Vercoe
B: 03 May 1938
M: Married and has one daughter and an adopted son.


The Grandmother was Grandfather Richard's full sister.