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Giffen, Harry E.
B: ca. 1888
D: 1964, age 76
M: 1910 or 1911, Johanna Hustad d. 1957

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Harry Giffen and Johanna Hustad:

Andrew Giffen
B: Echo, MN

Donald Giffen
B: 08 Jan 1914, at parents home in Echo, MN
D: 09 Dec 1995, St. Vincent, MN
M: 07 Jan 1953, Dorothy Meyer

Leland Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN

Ruth Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN

Glen Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN

Gladys Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN

Joe Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN
M: Alice Johnson

Children of Joe Giffen and Alice:

Robert Duane Giffen
M: Maureen Peterson

Children of Robert Giffen and Maureen Peterson

Robert Ashley Giffen

Travis Eugene Giffen

Ralph Giffen b. 1949
M: Nancy Radenz

Children of Ralph Giffen and Nancy Radenz

Benjamin Cody Giffen

Alexander Giffen

Diane Giffen
M: Bob Murphy

Children of Bob Murphy and Diane Giffen

Morgan Joy Murphy

Doris Giffen
M: David Miller

Children of David Miller and Doris Giffen

Brittany Ristine Miller Gray
M: John Gray

Children of John Gray and Bittany:

Kelton Anthony Luciano Gray

Aiklie Joseph Gray

Kyle Miller

Renee Giffen
M: G. Paul Myrick

Children of G. Paul Myrick and Renee Giffen
April Marie Myrick

Shane Michael Myrick

Gordon Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN

Ronald John Giffen
M: Kris Adams

Children of Ronald Giffen and Kris Adams:

Brice Giffen

Rae Anne Giffen

Duane Giffen
B: Kittson County, MN
D: Died age 3


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