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Gjuul, Torris Frederikkson
B: 1844, Norway
D: 1906 Mankato, MN (Stomach cancer)
M: Randi or Maudi Olsdatter Dalen b.1843, Sunndalen, Trollheimen, Norway d. 1919, Texarkana, TX

FN: Fredrik Gjuul
MN: Gjertrud Rotas

Occupation: Farmer, Decoria, MN.
Note: Property held included Section 7 subsection 11 & 13 in Decoria or Mankato which is about 90 acres of land SE of Leseuer River.

Note: Randi was listed in the city directory of Rapidan Twp. in 1906. Her son Frank or Frederick moved himself and his mother to DeQueen, AR at some point before he was married to Ollie Parish. Randi was also given the name "Maude". She died of apoplexy. In a newspaper column listed in 1910, she is listed as having 6 children of which 3 survived.

According to genealogists in Norway, Torris and Randi Gjuul may have been born on a farm near Ostfold call the "Gjulem" farm. Another possibility is the parish of Tingvoll in Norway.

An Olaus Gjuul immigrated to the U.S. in 1887 to Wisconsin. He could have been a relative, but no other records of him have been found so far.  Also, Sivert O. Gjuul could be a brother of Torris. He was married in Tingvoll, Norway in 1877.

Enumerated on U.S. census for 1880.

Children of Torris Gjuul and Randi Unknown:

1. Frank Torris or Frederick Torris Gjuul
B: 1870 Mankato, MN
D: Sept. 1936 San Antonio, TX

2. Lewis Gjuul
B: 1872 Mankato, MN
D: 1904 Mankato, MN, Typhoid Fever
Note: Listed on death record as son of T.F. Gjuul. Other spelling for Lewis is Louis.
M: 1917 Zata Alida Lattin

3. George Gjuul
D: 1874 Mankato, MN
Note: Found in 1917 Trempealeau County, WI index.

4. Bertina (or Kristina) Gjuul
B: 1876 Mankato, MN
D: Abt 1879
M: Frank Enders
Note: According to death records, Bertina was mentioned as "Kristina". Her mother, Randi lived with the family in 1910 the age of 66.
Note: Lived at W. 4th St. Mankato, MN in 1920.

5. Ida Gjuul
B: Abt 1882 Mankato, MN
D: 1903 Mankato, MN (Died of TB)

6. Unknown Gjuul
B: Unknown
D: Unknown (died young)