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Gooselaw, Angeline or Angelica (Zast or Zastre)
B: 03 Oct 1824 or 25, St. Xaxiere Mission, now Winnipeg, Manitoba
D: 10 Feb 1934
M: 15 May 1841 or 1842, Augustine Gooselaw, Sr. 18 Aug 1904

FN: Joseph or Kozak (or Zast/Zastre)
MN: Angelica Parisen (She was a Metis and one of her parents was a full blood Cree.

The Zastre family did much to build a mission congregation as well as the first permanent settlement of the French in Minnesota.

Children of Augustine Gooselaw, Sr. and Angelica Zastre:

Jean Gooselaw

Harry Gooselaw

Xavier Gooselaw

Angelica Gooselaw

Marie Rose Gooslaw

William Gooselaw

Alexander Gooselaw

Frank Jerome Gooselaw

Roger Gooselaw

Augustine Gooselaw

Emma Gooselaw


1885 Census, St. Vincent Township,Kittson County, MN

Angelique Gosselin age 58 born in Canada both parents were foreign born

Francis (male) age 27 born in MN

Jerome age 25 born in MN

Roger age 22 born in MN

August age 21 born in MN

Emma age 17 born in MN

Nancy age 15 born in MN

Angelique age 37 born in MN

Octavia age 10 born in MN

Emma age 2 born in MN

1900 Census, St. Vincent Township, Kittson County, MN

Angeline Gosselaw born January 1835 (widow) - 13 children - 12 living - she & her parents were born in French Canada - she came to US in 1850 - it doesn't say whether or not she was naturalized

Frank (son) born May 1872 in MN

Angeline (daughter) born May 1874 in MN

Rodger (son) born May 1876 in MN

August (son) born June 1878) in MN

Emma (daughter) born October 1879 in MN

All Gosselaws were listed as white

1910 Census, St. Vincent Township, Kittson County, MN

Angeline Gooselaw was 80 - was a widow and had 12 children with 11 living - she and her father were born in French Canada - mother's birthplace was unknown

Frank, son, age 40 and born in MN

Roger, son, age 34 and born in MN

Both were listed as single

1920 Census, St. Vincent Township, Kittson County, MN

Roger Gooselaw age 44 single born in MN - both parents born in Canada - he was a farm laborer.

Angeline age 96 widow was his mother she & her parents were born in Canada - she came to US in 1863 - she was naturalized in 1870.

David age 22 single nephew - he & and his parents were born in MN - he was a barber at the village shop.

The census was changed from Indian to Metis on the Soundex

See Essay on Angeline Zast -

On October 3, 1825, Angeline Zast was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kozak Zast. She was born in St. Boniface, a suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba, when the site was marked only by a Catholic mission and a Cree lodge. The only settlements in that vicinity when she was born were Hudson's Bay posts and homes of some of the Selkirk colonists. Fort Garry had not been built yet.

Kozak Zast, father of Mrs. Gooselaw, was a slim-waisted French-Canadian voyageur. Her mother was also part French. She also was part Cree mixed blood besides. Angeline Gooselaw lived the life of an Indian when she was a girl. The Cree, or otherwise known as mighty hunters, were accompanied by the Zasts when they searched for buffalo and other wild game. Her family lived in teepees. She did the work of an Indian woman. They didn't have schools in that part of the country at that time so she stayed home and helped her mother.

In the year 1841, Angeline Zast married August Gooselaw. He was a young, handsome voyageur. Like Angeline Gooselaw's father, he was also a French-Canadian. They were married at Pembina, North Dakota in a small mission church. At the time of their marriage much of the land in this area was claimed by the Hudson's Bay company as Prince Rupert's. Two years after their marriage they settled a short distance from what is now Noyes. They started farming a small piece of land. Like most pioneers, their life was hard and they had to work hard to survive.