Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1925

Irene Amundson

Ella Anderson

Ralph Anderson

Willard Berg

Vera Brown

Frances Eckland

Hattie Franzen

Laurinne Gardiner

Bernice Holmquist

Nancy Hord

Madeline Horne

Nellie Inglis

Merle Johnson

Casper Mattson

Margaret Monahan

Arvida Nelson

H. E. Adelaide Nelson

Marie Nelson

William Nordine

Arvida Norum

Ralph Norum

Sadie Olson

Mabel Rynning

Ruth Wellander

Stanley Westerson


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

Hallock High School booklet printed July, 1976

Some names may have been included or omitted due to incompleterecords.

  or omitted due to incompleterecords.