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Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1937

Art Bengston

Eugene Carlson

Philip Carlson

Robert Clapp

Dorothy Drake

David Erickson

Mazie Ferguson

Florence Foss

Nedra Gillie

Russell Gillie

Eli Jamieson

Irene Johnson

Zita Keeley

Louise Lilliquist

Laurine Lundquist

Esther Melin

Mae Nelson

Alice Nordine

Clifford Ohlen

Helen Olson

Ruth Olson

Dorothy Peterson

Cleo Sugden

Harriet Swanson

Jean Swanson

Lucille Younggren


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

Hallock High School booklet printed July, 1976

Some names may have been included or omitted due to incompleterecords.


ed or omitted due to incompleterecords.