Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1941

Rodney Anderson

Bernice Axelson

Keith Bergh

Ruth Cameron

Frances Carlson

Donald Cutt

William F. Davnie

Robert Deere

Marva Diamond

Faye Fisher

Victor Foss

Jeanette Hare

Ross Hemmingson

Ruth Holmquist

Alwood Homstad

Jean Hunt

Doris Johnson

Elsa Johnson

Ralph Jondahl

Marjorie Kain

James Kempf

Amelia Kiriluk

Florence LaRoque

Harriet Larson

Mary Ann Lindegard

Roy Linder

Lewis Lundgren

Lloyd Mathew

Ruth Matthew

Marion Nelson

Pauline Norberg

Thomas Overend

Dagney Odean

Ella Rabe

Kenneth Ryden

Dorothy Ann Salisbury

A. W. Sovereign

Betty Sugden

Dorothy Woodard


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

Hallock High School booklet printed July, 1976

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