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Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1949

Marlys Anderson

Ann Andert

Lillian Antoski

Jewell Bockwitz

Phyllis Carlson

Lois Cashman

Harvey Cederholm

Kenneth Costin

Lorelei Easter

Mona Fertig

Robert Fisher

James Flankey

Lorraine Gardner

Frederick Glidden

Paul Hanson, Jr.

Helen Haugstad

Barbara Jansen

Charles Jansen

Lorna Jenkins

Dorothy Jensen

Harriet Johnson

Ortie McEwen

Lois Ann Moran

Lyla Lu Nordling

Shirley Norman

Kenneth Norum

Elizabeth O'Hearn

Mark Pearson or Peterson

Philip Peterson

Lyle Rosequist

George Harry Thornberg

Thomas Walters

The Hallock High School graduation class of 1949 held its50th anniversary reunion June 19 during the Back Home Days celebration.

Several arrived June 18 so met at the fish fry, had pieand ice cream and took in the play.

Saturday morning met at the Lions pancake feed and sidewalksales. At noon, Philip and Marlyce Peterson invited all to their home fora delicious picnic lunch. Committee members provided sweets. Included wasa cake baked and decorated by Betty Staveteig especially for this occasion.

The group then went over to the elementary school to viewall the changes that had been done in the building. From there went to theKittson Museum at Lake Bronson. Uniforms from the era are on display andmany memories were brought to mind.

Five p.m. found us at Margie's Cafe where we indulged delicioushors d'oeurves prior to the steak and shrimp supper, uffda! Everything wassooo good and enjoyed by all.

Following the supper, Philip Peterson, as toastmaster,read a brief history of the six class members who have died. He also paidtributesd to P.O. Hanson, our superintendent and English literature teacher,and to P.N. Tri, who taught the math classes.

Philip then read an update on the class prophecy - 50 yearslater. This provided many laughs, hoots, comments and cheers.

Special guests were Ruth Costin. Ken was a classmate. Karenand Ulrich Goebel, White Salmon, Washington; Karen and Paul Hanson (childrenof Supt. P.O. and Lulu Hanson). P.O. was superintendent during the schoolyears.

Those classmates (listed first) and spouses attending were:Barbara (Jansen) Kittinger, St. Paul; Mona Fertig, Hallock; Philip and MarlycePeterson, Hallock; Ann (Andert) Bowman, Hallock; Dorothy (Jensen) Johnson,Climax; Paul Hanson Jr., Carolla, NC; Betty (O'Hearn) and George Staveteig,Grand Forks; Helen (Haugstad) and Earl Restemayer, Cavalier; Lyla Lu (Nordling)Ahumada, Fayetteville, NC; Harriet (Johnson) and Chuck Garr, Lakeland, FL;Tom and Martha Walters, Blooming Prairie; Frederick and janice Glidden,Hallock; Ken and Alice Norum, Phoenix, Arizona; Shirley (Norum) and LesJohnson, Walcott, ND; Mark and Helen Pearson, Hallock; Lorna (Jenkins) andJerry Daniels, Fairfax, VA; Phyllis (Carlson) and Charles WInter, Rochester,WA; Larry and Rose Younggren, Hallock.


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

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Kittson County Enterprise, June 30, 1999

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