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Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1954

(those shown with * attended their 50 year reunion in 2004)

Mary Ann Anderson

Hugh Bell *

William Bergh *

Mary Brink * Mary Brink Fowler

Carol Carlson

Phyllis Carlson

Ronald Curtis *

Betty Diamond * Betty Diamond Reis

Joyce Dipple *

Millicent Erickson * Mitzi Erickson Balstad

Theolyn Fertig

Allen Finney *

Allen Gillie *

Magnus Gudmundson *

Dorothy Jenkins *

Russell Jerome

Cliff Johnson *

Kenneth Johnson *

Eileen Knutson * Eileen Knutson Bothum

Mavis Landon * Mavis Landon Nelson

Ruth Larson * Ruth Larson Cory

Frederick MacKenzie *

Neil McEwen *

Marshall Miller

Melva Nelson

Marlow Norum *

Dorothy O'Hearn * Dorothy O'Hearn Muir

John O'Meara

Aileen Pearson * Aileen Pearson Halos

Alice Pearson

Joanne Pearson

Alice Joy Peterson

Richard Rustad

Janice Sorenson * Janice Sorenson Stroom

Lowell Stroom

Connie Sugden * Connie Sugden Carlson

Kathleen Walters

Jeanette Westberg * Jeanette Westberg Johnson

Joan Younggren * Joan Younggren Gordon


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

Hallock High School booklet printed July, 1976

Some names may have been included or omitted due to incomplete records.