Hallock High School

Hallock, Minnesota

Class of 1956

Ann Anderson

Marlys Anderson

Ronald Anderson

Harriet Carlson

Ruth Carlson

Lucy Carriere

Sharon Curtis

Joel Dunn

William Dykhuis

Maurice Finney

Louise Foster

Gary Gillie

Paul Gillie

Harold Haugstad

Keith Hempel

Don Holmquist

Larry Irving

Marcella Jerome

Ross Jerome

Alan Jevning

Gary Johnson

Georgine Johnson

Harold Johnson

Ronald Johnson

Karen Kinshella

Celia Landon

Barbara Larson

Beverly Larson

Janice McAdam

Dianne Melin

Grace Moore

Kaye Pearson

Doris Peterson

Janice Spence

Marlys Swanson

David Sorenson

Michael Rabe

Barbara Reese

Marita Rustad

Lyle Thompson

Allan Tureson

Richard Wickie

Barbara Younggren


Hallock Centennial Project 1883 - 1983

Hallock High School booklet printed July, 1976

Some names may have been included or omitted due to incompleterecords.P>Some names may have been included or omitted due to incompleterecords.