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Hallock High School

Hallock Minnesota

From the Kittson county Enterprise Newspaper

Issue of Friday, August 24, 1894

Another school election will be held Tuesday. Mr. Eklundwill not give title of the school property unless a $7,000.00 building isput up. Now we want every voter to take in consideration that we must havea school before cold weather sets in, that if the school is built, it willgive employment to quite a number of men. These men will have to be fedand the hotels will reap a little benefit, the lumbermen will get a rakeoff, the hardware men get their share and during the construction of theschool the laborers will spend their money right in Hallock and we willget a little of it, while we will gladden the hearts of those little critters,who nearly freeze to death when they attend school in some of our coldestwinter days in the present small buildings. The election, Tuesday, willto bond for $7,000.00. Remember the first election was to bond for $10,000.00,and the voters managed to reduce it to $7,000,00. Now we must admit thatthe "rag has been chawed" so much over this question that thereis nothing left of it, and for the sake of common sense let everybody turnout Tuesday and cast a vote in favor of it and be done.

Issue of Friday, August 31, 1894

The school bond election for bonding $7,000.00 held lastTuesday, carried by a vote of 56 to 16. This with what is in the treasurywill furnish us with a good school. The amount in the treasury will probablynot be used for building purposes, but will be used in furnishing the school.

Issue of Friday, November 16, 1894

Work on the school house is going right ahead and the firststory is about completed

Issue of Friday, Novembver 30, 1894

The heating apparatus for the new school had arrived.

Issue of Friday, December 7, 1894

The brick work on the new school house is about completedand quite a number of the brick layers who have been at work on the buildingleft for Crookston during the week.

Issue of Friday, January 11, 1895

School opened last Monday with a fair attendance in theold buildings. As soon as the new building is completed, which will be ina few more days, the teachers and their flock will move in.

Issue of Friday, January 25, 1895

The new school house is now completed and will be in runningorder on Monday morning.

1908 - Two story brick and cement building added.

1936 - Gym and class rooms on second floor constructed- WPA project

Hallock High School Graduates

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