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Halvorson, Matts
B: 06 Jan 1862, Varmland, Karlstad, Heljes Parish, Sweden
D: 1932
M: 06 Sep 1886, Betsy P. Svedin, came from Sveg Socken, Harjedalen, Sweden with her parents, Per and Martha Erikkson (which was changed to Svedin while in military service) in 1884. Betsy's brother, Swan, married Martha Olson in 1889 and homesteaded at Hawkyard Corners in Hazelton Township. They had one son, Peter who, in turn, had two sons: Lawrence and Lloyd. Betsy d. 1949

FN: Halvar Erickson

Children of Matts Halvorson and Betsy P. Svedin:

Hilmer Halvorson
B: 1886
D: 08 Jul 1934

Marie Halvorson
B: 1890
D: 27 Feb 1960
M: Martin Peterson

Adolph Halvorson
B: 16 Mar 1894, farm southeast of Lancaster, MN, Hazelton Twp.
M: 24 Apr 1920, Ellen Mortenson, dau of John and Mathilda Mortenson d. Mar 1958.

Clara Halvorson
B: 1900
M: Paul Kuebler

Children of Paul Kuebler and Clara Halvorson:

Leonne Kuebler