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Hanson, Andreas
B: 08 Dec 1854, Skjeberg, Norway
E: 17 May 1885
D: 1927, age 72
M: 1882, Amelia Mathieson d. 1929 age 68

Andreas had 4 brothers and 1 sister who all came to this country, namely, Christian, the twin brother of Andreas, Gunder, Ludvik, Johannes and Dena.


Children of Andreas Hanson and Amelia Mathieson:

Dena Hanson
B: She was 18 months old when they emigrated
D: 1939
M: Severt Peterson

Children of Severt Peterson and Dena Hanson:

Evelyn Peterson

Doris Peterson

Marion Peterson

Vivian Peterson

Hans Hanson

Mamie Hanson
M: Mons Monson

Andrea Hanson
D: 1943
M: Alfred Wendelbo

Children of Alfred Wendelbo and Andrea Hanson:

Alfred Wendelbo, Jr.

Charles Wendelbo

Carl Hanson
M: Ida Nelson

Children of Carl Hanson and Ida Nelson:

Carl Hanson, Jr.

Mae Hanson (twin)

Marie Hanson (twin)

Helen Hanson
M: Infolf Gulseth