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Hemmingson, Hemming Peter
E: Migrated to U.S. in 1880 from Visserum, Kalmersland, Smoland, Sweden with their children: August, Gust, John and Sophie.
D: Age 83
M: Christine Carolina Danielson

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Hemming Hemmingson and Christine Danielson:

August Hemmingson
M: Hedvig Carlson

Children of August Hemmingson and Hedvig Carlson:

Rueben Hemmingson

Philip Hemmingson

Elmer Hemmingson

Kenneth Hemmingson

Gust Hemmingson
M: Emily Westerberg

Children of Gust Hemmingson and Emily Westerberg:

Joel Hemmingson

Ethel Hemmingson

Edna Hemmingson

John Hemmingson
D: May 1974
M: 1922, Ella Foxen, of Grafton, ND d. Dec 1959

Children of John Hemmingson and Ella Foxen:

Harold Sheldon Hemmingson
B: 1923
D: Jul 1970
M: 1959, Eleanor Rudstrom. A son, James, was born Jul 1970

Sophia Hemmingson
D: 1919

Sophie Hemmingson

Charles Joel Hemmingson
B: 02 Sep 1881, Hennepin County, MN
M: 01 Sep 1909, Hilma Johnson, b. 30 Sep 1887

Children of Charles Hemmingson and Hilma Johnson:

Son Hemmingson
D: In childbirth

Coral Hemmingson
B: 27 Apr 1913
M: Nels Edquist, had sons, Eric and Neil who were both married Oct 1978.

Anita Hemmingson
B: 27 Nov 1917
D: 23 Jan 2006, at her home
M: Sep 1945, Frank Fron

Children of Frank Fron and Anita Hemmingson:

Anita Fron

Winston Fron

Heidi Fron

James Fron

Michele Fron

Son Hemmingson
D: 1920, Infant death from mastoid infection.

Ross Hemmingson
B: 30 Aug 1923
M: Unknown

Children of Ross Hemmingson and Unknown:

Charles Hemmingson

Alan Hemmingson
M: Shirley Unknown, had a son

Mayo Hemmingson

Candace Hemmingson
M: Mike Hannemann

Joseph Hemmingson
M: Abbie West

Mary Hemmingson
M: Walter Peterson

Anna Hemmingson
M: Rev. Carl Lundquist

Children of Carl Lundquist and Anna Hemmingson:

Edith Lundquist

Phyllis Lundquist

Oscar Hemmingson
M: Edith Holmgren

Children of Oscar Hemmingson and Edith Holmgren:

Celeste Hemmingson

Lois Hemmingson