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Heron, Richard
B: Abt 1771 England
D: 21, 29 or 30 Mar 1848, York, York, Ontario, Canada
Buried: St. James or St Johns Church,York
Mills, Ontario,Canada
NOTE: Land Lot # 1 Conc W York St
M: (1) 20 Mar 1821, Harriet Hill b. abt 1784/86 in Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, Canada d. 18 Aug 1819 in York, Ontario, dau of Thomas Hill U.E.L. and Hannah Unknown
M: (2) 20 Mar 1921, Mrs. Helen Henry d. 26 Aug 1820

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Ref: Deed from 179755, York Twp Deeds 2 CONT P156, Heron 1327. 1848 Lists 2nd wife and children. Served 10 yrs. in the 33rd Regiment of Foot called the Queens Rangers, Came to York with Governor Simcoe (Mrs. Simcoe's diary, family name listed "Herring"- mispelled?) Simcoe was governor of what? Served in the war of 1812-14 under Capt. Samuel Ridout, 3rd regiment of York. Heron family well-to-do?

Notes for Richard Heron

LAND: Lot # 1 Conc W York St., reference Deed from 179755, York Twp Deeds, pg. 156, Heron 1327.

He served 10 yrs/ in the 33rd Regiment of Foot called the Qeens Rangers. He served in the war of 1812-14 under Capt. Samuel Ridout, 3rd regiment of York. He came to York with Governor Simcoe (Mrs. Simcoe's diary, family name listed, "Herring" mispelled? Simcoe was governor of what?

Heron family supposedly well-to-do in Metropolitan Toronto. Death date also given as 21 Apr 1848! 2nd marriage 20 Mar 1921 St James York Ontario to Mrs. Helen Henry

The petition of Richard Heron of York, humbly sheweth that your petitioner having served his Majesty for the space of ten years in the late Regiment of Foot called the Queen's Rangers and not having either before or sincr the reduction of same, received any lands from Government prays that your honor will order him an allotment out of the waist lands of Crown in this Province--York,17th JUne 1806. source: Taken from the Archives in Ottawa.

York, 20 March 1821. This day were married after due publication of Banns, Richard Heron, widower, and Helen Henry, widow, both of York Township, John Strachan, minister. Witnesses George Bond, Hannah Bond.(Hannah was a sister to Richard's first wife.)

Notes for Harriet Hill

From the archives in Ottawa we find that Harriet Hill "daughter of Thomas Hill, an U.E. Loyalist, who now resides on Yonge Street, and Richard Heron made a land petition on the 4th of Sept 1804 and was granted 299 acres on 6th of Sept. 1804.

DEATH: Gravestone, age 33 years, date given for death from LDS Church Ancestral file as 26 Aug 1820.

Children of Richard Heron and Harriet Hill:

Mary Heron
B: 10 Nov 1803 or 1804, York, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 31 Jan 1852 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT
M: 28 Feb 1822, John Snider Sr. in Toronto York, Ontario, Canada

Richard Heron II
B: 06 Jul 1807, York, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 02 May 1880, York, York, Canada
Buried May 1880 in Weselyan Methodist Cemetery, York, Canada
M: (1) Mary FitzPatrick
M: (2) Martha Shuttleworth.

Ann Heron
B: 22 Feb 1810, York, York, Ontario, Canada
M: Sheldon Ward

Elizabeth Heron
B: 11 May 1812, York, York, Ontario, Canada
B 03 Feb 1886/87, Scarborough, York, Ontario, Canada.
M: William FitzPatrick, Jr.

Thomas Heron
B: 25 Apr 1815, York, York, Ontario, Canada
M: (1) Sarah Ann Maher
M: (2) Lavinia Loune

William Heron
B: 20 Nov 1818, York Twp, York, Ontario, Canada
D: 23 Jun 1844 in Ontario, Canada
Buried: 24 Jun 1844 in Potters Field, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M: Ann Brooks



Harry Vern FitzPatrick (William Duncan4, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 5 Jul 1901 in Denver, Co; died 7 Jul 1983 in Vista, San Diego, CA; buried Jul 1983 in Rose Hills, Whittier, CA. He married in 1924 in Denver, Colorado Ruth Reeves, born 4 Oct 1904; died 9 Jan 1992 in Vista, Ca; buried Jan 1992 in Rose Hills, Whittier, CA.

Notes for Harry Vern FitzPatrick

He moved to Calif in 1927. Employed by the Sampson Tire Co. from 1922 to 1963. This company was bought by U.S. Tire.

Notes for Ruth Reeves

Buried in the Emerald Lawn Grave 3.

Children of Harry Vern FitzPatrick and Ruth Reeves:

Robert Fain FitzPatrick, born 19 Sep 1925 in Denver, CO.. Notes: Lives in Vista Calif at 1265 Loma Vista Way, Vista Ca. 92084 phone is 619-727 0490. He married an Italian women named Lorraine Cremolini on Sept 28,1951. Owned a shoe store in Oakland, CA.

Byron Vern FitzPatrick, born 24 Jan 1932 in Compton, L.a., CA; died 17 Nov 1990 in San Francisco, Ca; buried 1990 in San Francisco, Ca. Notes: He has four boys all Fitzpatrick's and living in Northern Calif.

Richard Douglas FitzPatrick, born 24 May 1936 in Compton, La Co, CA. Notes: They have two sons Tomothy b, 1962 lives in Laguna Nigal and Steven Fitzpatrick b 1960, who lives in Fontana Calif.



Frances FitzPatrick (Richard Adam4, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 30 Dec 1914 in St Vincent, Kittson Co., MN; died 16 Jan 1996 in Aiken, SD; buried 20 Jan 1996 in Aiken, SD. She married Vernon Tolton.

Notes for Frances FitzPatrick

MARRIAGE: Married a Tolton and had two children Charlotte and Patrick.

2nd marriage to Dail Dunn. He died and was buried in MN.

Frances died in a hospital in Aiken, SC.

Notes for Vernon Tolton

Probably born in Emerson, Manitoba.

Children of Frances FitzPatrick and Vernon Tolton:

Charlotte Tolton. Married a Hassen and they live at 410 Hastings Cutoff Martinez, GA 30907 706-860-5839

Patrick Tolton. He lives at 2086 Beaver Creek Lane Aiken, S.C 29803 phone 803-642-3974


Myrtle FitzPatrick (Richard Adam4, Sheldon Albert3, Elizabeth2 Heron, Richard1), born 22 Sep 1916 in St Vincent, Kittson, Mn; died Mar 1996 in , Or. She married Charles Lovejoy.

Notes for Myrtle FitzPatrick

MARRIAGE: Charles Lovejoy, moved to Salem Oregon and has one son Patrick Lovejoy. Approximate birth year. Address P.O. Box 394 Cascade Locks OR 97014 phone 1 503 374-8982 She died of a heart attack.

Children of Myrtle FitzPatrick and Charles Lovejoy:

Patrick Lovejoy. Lived in Salem, OR.


William Heron
B: 17 Jun 1832, York, York, Ontario
D: 17 Apr 1880

Note: 1861 census York twp,Upper Canada

Richard III Heron
B: 15 Jan 1834
D: 10 Jul 1916

Hannah Bond Heron
B: 21 Jul 1829
D: 07 Nov 1887

Duncan George Heron
B: 21 Mar 1836
D: 17 Jan 1887
St Johns York Mi, Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Gravestone. Age 50 years 9 months

Jane Heron
B: 04 May 1839, York, York, Ontario
D: 28 Aug 1923
1861 census of York Twp

Harriet Margaret Heron
B: 19 Sep 1843,
York, York, Ontario
D: 1921
Note: 1861
census of York Twp. She had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Mary Jaggers or Elizabeth Jagger

Richard Foster Heron Osprey Twp, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Clarence Heron

William George Heron
B: 1841, Toronto, Ontario
D: 27 Jan 1852
Buried: 31 Jan 1852, Potters Field, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mary Jane Heron
B: 05 Feb 1844
Bapm: 07 Apr 1845
D: 15 Aug 1892, St Johns, York Mills, Toronto, Ontario
Jane Heron was a daughter of William Heron, brother to Elizabeth Heron,
my great, great other words, she was a niece of
Elizabeth's. I hold many photographs of the Milne family. I received these photographs from Sheldon Fox, son of Hannah Fox (Fitzpatrick); Hannah was the granddaughter of William and Elizabeth (Heron) Fitzpatrick. Obviously, at the time of the photographs (1860's and 1870's), the Fitzpatricks and Milnes must have had some degree of social interaction. (Hannah Fox=my great aunt)

Richard Heron
B: 06 Jul 1807 York, York, Ontario
D: 02 May 1880 Fitzpatrick's ap, York Twp, York,Ontario

Moved to Osprey Twp, (Maxwell PO), Grey Co., Ontario, Cananda Death:Fitzpatrick's Appointment, Cemetery in York Township, Lawrence Ave. and Victoria Park Ave.

As a child, Dennis Matthews had his hair cut by Walter Heron in Humboldt, MN in exchange for a pint of whipping cream.

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