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Donaldson, Minnesota


Population: 44

Donaldson is located along Hwy 75, south of Kennedy. Thecity has two potato warehouses, two grain elevators, a post office, onecombined grocery store and restaurant, a liquor store, one church and aresidential section.


The village of Donaldson was named for Capt. Hugh Donaldson,a veteran and Civil War Officer, an easterner who had come west to the newfrontier, 1878.

According to "Our Northwest Corner," a historybook of Kittson County, Edward Davis and family arrived in 1879 and settledon Section 30, Davis Township, in Kittson County. Edward operated the firststore in the village and also looked after the mail before there was a depot.

The village was incorporated November 20, 1903 and at thefirst election held December 12th of that year, officers were elected. Aftermuch discussion at the first meeting, it was decided to name the villageDonaldson after Captain Donaldson and the township was name Davis afterEdward Davis. The section line between the Donaldson and Davis land becamethe main street of Donaldson.

At one time there was a post office, telephone office,fire hall, dressmaker shop, barber shop, jail, lumberyard, three generalstores, two hardware stores, two livery barns, two saloons, two restaurants,two hotels, two meat markets, two dance halls, three grain elevators, onebalacksmith shop, a school, a printing press that put out a weekly papercalled the Donaldson Booster (later called the Donaldson Record) and onechurch, until 1913 when another was added.

After the 1900's the village diminished due to fire anddecreasing population.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiledfrom Kittson County History Book.