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Hallock, Minnesota


Population 1,264

Hallock is the county seat of Kittson County, located in the northwestern corner of Minnesota, 20 miles south of the Canadian border.

The city is 85 miles south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of the largest metropolitan areas in western Canada, and 375 miles northwest of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Hallock is at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 75 and Minnesota Hwy. 175 and is 12 miles east of Interstate 29 which is connected by Hwy. 175.

The Burlington Northern Railroad's main north-south line runs through Hallock and connects with the Canadian National Railway at the international boundary. The city is also served by a modern airport with a 4,000 foot paved lighted runway.


According to the "Hallock Centennial History" book, one of the first settlers in the Hallock area was Andre Jerome, a French-Indian or Metis.

In 1872, he and his wife came to Minnesota and made their home at the mouth of the Two Rivers where it flows into the Red River, not far from where the Golden Grain Bridge stands today.

Charles Hallock, for whom the town of Hallock is named, was also an early settler here. He came in 1880 and did not intend to seek wealth in land investments as so many did.

He was a wealthy easterner from New York City and at that time was editor and publisher of a leading sportsman's magazine.

It was his love for the outdoors and his interest in hunting that caused him to settle in this community.

He purchased one of the early townsites and proceeded to construct the Hotel Hallock which was built for the convenience of the travellers and the sportsmen. The town grew around that location and took the name Hallock.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May 19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiled from Kittson County History Book.

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