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Halma, Minnesota


Population: 77

The town of Hama is located on Hwy. 59, between Lake Bronsonand Karlstad. Quite a few construction companies and gravel pits operateout of the small town, including Fish Construction, Foerester Gravel, FollandConstruction, Halma Sand and Gravel and Loeffler Sand and Gravel.


The T. L. Spilde family of Beaton operated a departmentstore and when news came that the Soo Line Railroad was going to come throughwhat was later called Halma, they and many others decided to move there.

The moving of buildings was done by logs, a pulley (stumppuller), men and horses. It went slow so they lived in the back of the storeand business went on as usual while they were moving.

There were three grocery and mercantile stores, Bothumand Son, Holms and Spildes. Folland Hardware was owned by K. L. Spilde beforeit was moved out of town.

Halma had a restaurant between the Bothum and Spilde storeswith living quarters in the back. C. E. Braaten operated a feed mill, DaveRigely was the photographer, Peter Bjora and Barney Johnson printed theHalma Pilot, Arvid Hammerback built and operated a blacksmith shop and Mr.Schey managed the Bertram Lumberyard which is now the Halma Oil and SupplyCo.

Halma also had an elevator that burned down and a bankthat shut down in the 1930's. There were a couple of hotels, a restaurantand a livery stable.

Lundeby Lutheran Church was the congregation's first church.It was of log construction and it burned down. In 1897, the current church,Eidsvold Lutheran, was built.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiledfrom Kittson County History Book.


nty History Book.