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Northcote, Minnesota


Northcote is five miles north of Hallock on Highway 75.


The townsite was filed December 21, 1880 and while thetown developed more rapidly than many other railroad towns, the residentsnever felt the need to incorporate.

The town was named Northcote for Sir Henry Stafford Northcote.He was born in 1818 and died in 1887. He was an eminent English statesmanand financier.

Albert Newcomb opened the first store in Northcote. Anotherearly merchant was Peter Daly; James Carey conducted a small town departmentstore; Walter Kelso was another leading merchant being proprietor of a generalstore, a hardware store and a lumber yard.

Charles Younggren also had a lumber yard. In the early20's, there were two general stores - one owned by Kenneth Murray and theother by Fred Westcott. These were the last two stores in Northcote.

The Northcote Presbyterian Church built in 1899 was a vitalpart of the community.

At one time there were four elevators, two farm machineryand implement businesses, a hotel and restaurant, three blacksmiths, a liverybarn, two saloons and a town hall.

Gradually as the years went by, Northcote was destinedto grow smaller and smaller, but it will forever live in hearts and memoriesof those who called it home.


Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiledfrom Kittson County History Book.

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