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Noyes, Minnesota


Noyes is the small border town between the U.S. and Canadaon Hwy. 75, north of Humboldt.


Noyes came into being and became a customs port of entryin the year of 1905, when the first depot was completed and put into operation.The first customs offices were located, at that time, in the railway depotbuilding.

About the year of 1925, Mssrs. Edward Florence, ThomasR. Brown and Carl E. Rustad; purchased from Alexander Wilkie, the land thatcomprises the south and main portion of Noyes. Through their efforts, severalbusinesses were put into operation, including a restaurant, oil station,store, post office and dance pavilion.

The present Customs and Immigration office building wasbuilt in the year of 1930, and Minnesota Trunk Highway No. 5, which laterbecame U.S. Highway 75, was rerouted through the community.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiledfrom Kittson County History Book.

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