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St. Vincent, Minnesota


St. Vincent is the oldest city in Kittson County from thestandpoint of settlement. It is located northwest of Humboldt, Minnesotanear Pembina, North Dakota, but on the Minnesota side of the Red River.All that remains of the once lovely little village is the post office. Thoughthe business places have disappeared there are many lovely homes in thishistoric little town.


The history dates back as far as 1857, when Minnesota wasstill a territory. A trading post on the village site had been named St.Vincent in honor of St. Vincent de Paul, founder of missions and hospitalsin France.

As early as 1800, Fur Company XYZ started a trading postand before that, Peter Grant had maintained headquarters there as a furtrader.

The little village at one time included several hotels,saloons, stores, full school, two cafes, jail, town hall, two gas stations,a grocery and dry goods store, machine and parts shop, firehall, blacksmithshop, five churches and post office.

Source: Visitors Guide to Kittson County, Published May19, 1999 by the Kittson County Enterprise based on information compiledfrom Kittson County History Book.

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