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William Hollingshead
B: 1768 Burlington, Roebling, NJ
D: 1819
: Dates: Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario Death: 1869, King Township, Ont, from Hollingshead family. Note: Children from Frank Johnson. Family includes perhaps a son, William, b. 1813 in Upper Canada (York), d. 12 Jul 1884, md. 2 Apr 1833 Anne Manson who was born Scotland 1810, children Henry, Frances, Samuel.

Isaac Hollingshead
B: 04 Jul 1766 Morris, NJ
D: 09 Apr 1813 York,
Ontario, Canada
Dates: Frank Johnson, Stouffville
Marriage: Children and marriage information from Frank Johnson.

Silas Hollingshead

Mary Hollingshead

Daniel Hollingshead

Susan Hollingshead

Seth Hollingshead

John Hollingshead

Jacob Jackson Hollingshead

Amos Isaac Hollingshead

William Kinsey Hollingshead

Eli Hollingshead

Edith Hollingshead

Sarah Hollingshead

Isaac Hollingshead

William Hollingshead

Frances Hollingshead

George Hollingshead

Joseph Hollingshead

Jane Hollingshead
B: 28 Aug 1834
D: 23 Jul 1920
Source: E H Snider, 1961

Sarah Hollingshead

Isaac Hollingshead

Benjamin Hollingshead

Ann Hollingshead

George Hollingshead

Nicholas Hollingshead

Rachel Hollingshead

Eleanor Hollingshead

Hollingshead (female)
B: Dec 1794 Digby, Nova
Scotia, Canada

_____ Hollingshead (female)
B: 1802 York, Ontario

Aurelia Matthews
B: 22 Oct 1802
Argentile, Lower Canada, Quebec
D: 21 Jul 1878

Nelson Stoyell Hollingshead

Aner Matthew Hollingshead (Male)

Thomas William Hollingshead

Rhoda Ann Hollingshead

Joseph Easton Hollingshead

Elizabeth Ann Hollingshead

George Washington Hollingshead

Erastus Wiman Hollingshead

Mary Ann Hollingshead
B: 17 Dec 1825
: Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

William Hollingshead
B: 10Mar 1827 / 28
D: 28 Apr 1912
Source Frank Johnson,
Stouffville, Ontario

John Hollingshead
B: 12 Jul 1830
D: 02 Feb 1865
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

Elizabeth Hollingshead
B: 27 Jun 1832 York, Ontario
D: 11 Oct 1873
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

James Hollingshead
B: 14 Jul 1834 York, Ontario
D: 06 Jan 1865
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

Thomas Hollingshead
B: 15 Jul 1836 York, Ontario
D: 19 Jun 1908
Source: Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

George Hollingshead
B: 08 Aug 1838 York, Ontario
D: 15 Sep 1903
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario.

Robert /Hollingshead
B: 11 Aug 1840 York, Ontario
D: 21 Jun 1913
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario.

Margaret Hollingshead
B: 22 Jan 1843 York, Ontario
D: 09 Oct 1897
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario.

Joseph Hollingshead
B: 10 Jun 1845 York, Ontario
D: 11 Mar 1907
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario.

Josephine Hollingshead

Isabella Hollingshead
B: 1864
D: 1864

Susan E. Hollingshead

Ann Hollingshead

Frances J. Hollingshead
B: 1859
D: 1865

Anthony Hollingshead

John Hollingshead

William J. Hollingshead

_____ Armour (male)

_____ Armour (male)

Mary Jane Kirk
B: 10 Jan 1844
D: 31 Jul 1897

Ann Jane Hollingshead
Note: Husband may be Jesse
Source Frank Johnson, Stouffville, Ontario

Mary Elizabeth Hollingshead
B: 1871
D: 1876

William Alexander Hollingshead

Maude Aurelia Hollingshead

Joseph Thomas Hollingshead
B: 06 Sep 1880

Rachel Elizabeth Hollingshead
B: 1883
D: 1884

Ellen Matilda Hollingshead

John Alexander Hollingshead

Henry James Hollingshead

Mary Isabella Ann Hollingshead

Andrew George Hollingshead

Eliza Jane Hollingshead
B: 1875
D: 1877

William Joseph Hollingshead

Rebecca Weller
B: 13 Jun 1842
D: 19 Dec 1912

Arthur Wellington Hollingshead

(daughter) Hollingshead

William Robert Hollingshead

Nelson Thomas Hollingshead

Frank Albert Hollingshead

Mary Ann Proctor
B: 21 Apr 1845
D: 28 Oct 1937

Charlotte Alberta Hollingshead

Emily A E Hollingshead


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