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Holmquist, Victor
B: 1879, Blekinge, Sweden
E: 1884
D: 1955
M: (1) Hilma Truedson, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Nels Truedson d. 1912
M: (2) Emma Olson

FN: Peter Holmquist
MN: Johanna

Children of Victor Holmquist and Hilma Truedson:

Edna Holmquist

Stanley Holmquist

Melvin Holmquist


Children of Victor Holmquist and Emma Olson:

Vern Holmquist
B: 16 Mar 1917
D: Jan 1946, age 46
M: May 1941, Norma Truedson b. 07 Dec 1915, dau of Wilhelm and Sella Truedson. On Dec. 1973, Norma remarried to Clarice Wolfe of Lancaster.
Norma d. 05 Mar 2009, Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, MN
Norma m. Earl Bengston on March 14, 1972 and Earl d. 18 Nov 1991.

Children of Vern Holmquist and Norma Truedson:

Katherine Holmquist
B: 14 Jul 1942
M: Oct 1963, Harold Swenson, and had 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Deborah

Janice Holmquist
B: 20 Mar 1945
M: Nov 1964, David Klein, and had 3 sons: Todd, Scott, and Kevin

James Vern Holmquist
B: 09 Apr 1951

Children of Clarice Wolfe and Norma Truedson Holmquist:

Vicki Wolfe

Tracy Wolfe

Helen Holmquist
M: Unknown Carlson

Glen Holmquist

Charles Holmquist