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Horne, James R.
B: 1851
D: 1937, Hallock Memorial Hospital
M: 1880, Margaret Walker d. 1921


James R. Horne was 1st cousin to Joseph Sugden.

James Horne and family first came to Clow Township near Orleans in the fall of 1882. In 1891 they moved to Skane Township where several parcels of land were acquired. They retired to Hallock about 1910. Their only son Russell married and farmed with his father. In 1907 he deserted his wife with three young daughters and was never heard from again. Two of these daughters lived in the area. The youngest Madeline Nelson died in 1997 at age 90. James' daughter Mabel was a schoolteacher in Skane Township before she married John Ash and lived in St. Vincent. They had no family. The youngest daughter Maud was also a teacher in the area before she married David Blodgett and moved to St. Louis, MO. They had a large family. James Horne, wife Margaret, daughter Mabel and her husband John Ash are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.

Children of James R. Horne and Margaret Walker:

Mabel Horne
M: John Ash

Russel Horne
B: 18 Mar 1903, Mary Caroline (Mamie) Fertig, dau of David W. and Emma Fertig

Children of Russel Horne and Mamie Fertig:

Emma Marie Horne
B: 28 Feb 1904, Skane Township, Kittson County
D: 17 Jan 1995, Kittson Memorial Hospital, Hallock, MN
M: 12 Aug 1928, William G. Anderson

Children of William Anderson and Emma Marie Horne:

Marian Joyce Anderson
M: Robert W. Hensel

Lois Madeline Anderson
M: Arlen Erickson

Ella May Horne
M: William H. Krause

Children of William Krause and Ella May Horne:

Bill Krause

Jack Krause

Eldora Madeline Horne
B: 25 Jan 1907, Hallock, MN
D: 04 Jun 1997, Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, MN
M: 27 Jan 1929, Verner L. Nelson at Rockford, IL

Children of Verner Nelson and Eldora Horne:

Deloris Nelson
M: John Knutson

L. J. "Vern" Nelson
M: Marlene

Maud Horne
M: David Blodgett

During the 1880's four brothers, first cousins to the original group, came to work in Kittson County. They were Thomas, George, Kitchimen and Joseph Horn. Only Thomas took out a homestead, which he sold in 1890 and returned to Ontario. George moved on to Oregon, Kitchimen to Everett, WA and Joseph to Kalispell, MT.


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