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Humboldt School History

Humboldt School: A History of Education

The following article was found in a file with historicaldocuments on Humboldt school. The information ofthis article was supplied by P.N. Tri. It was published in the final yearbookin 1991

The Humboldt School District was established on July 24,1882. The $140 building was erected a mile and a half northwest of the village.Miss McLean was the first teacher.

Later the building was moved into the village. It is nowa part of the Community Hall. Mrs. Tom Brown was one of the early teachers.

The present school building was erected in 1906, on thepresent grounds. It served until 1917 when it was enlarged. At that timethe present senior assembly, library, faculty, and eight grade rooms werethe new addition.

Mr. P.N.Tri began the high school department that year.It wasn't until 1919 that Humboldt graduated its first class of six girls.(Error: it also contained one boy)

Mr. Tri was administrator until 1933. During these 16 years,14 classes were graduated.

Kenneth Saunders then assumed the leadership for six years.33-39.

Mr. John Longstreet terminated the four-year high schoolin 1940. Since the enrollment was so low, only grades 1-8 were continueduntil 1951 when Mr. P.N. Tri again set up a junior high school. He assumedleadership for three terms. Mr. P.A. McArton took over in the fall of 1954.He saw the present addition being built.

In the fall of 1956, Mr. C.T. Hermes set up the seniorhigh school.

After a lapse of 16 years, Humboldt graduated a class of12 in the spring of 1957.

In 1947, the Minnesota State Legislature passed the StateReorganization Act which provided that each county could organize a committeefor the purpose of making a survey of school problems in each county. Sucha committee was selected for Kittson County in the fall of l947. The committeemembers were: O. S. Nordine, Roger Ward, Harry Hanson, E. B. Herseth, BenJansen, Edward Johnson, Cornelius Nelson, Oscar Nordine and Walter Peterson.

By the fall of 1949, this committee had forwarded its preliminaryand final recommendations to the State Board of Education. On November 29,1949, votes were held in all five states with all results being in favorof reorganized districts. The Humboldt-St.Vincent School Board took office.Members at that time were: Roger Ward, clerk; Albert Clow, treasurer; ArthurClinton and F.E. Deeving Directors.

Joe River, Grampian and North Hill Town Schools becamepart of the Humboldt School in the fall of 1950. The St. Vincent 7-8 graderswere transported to Humboldt in the fall of 1951.

The Board applied to the State Department of Educationto set up a Junior High School at Humboldt. The plans were officially approvedin March of 1951.

Mr. P.N.Tri, Superintendent, succeeded in getting the variousdepartments approved during the school year 1951-52.

On January 27, 1955, bids were let to construct the presenteducational plant. The construction began in June 1955. A modern gymnasium,three elementary classrooms, an industrial arts department, hot lunch kitchen,science room, and administrative suite were parts of the new building. Considerablealterations were mde in the old part to make it an important adjunct tothe educational plant. A new, modern, up-to-date heating plant, using oilwas installed.

These facilities were partially utilized in March of 1956when the 5th and 6th grades were moved into their room. The entire plantwas moved into the fall of 1956.

Patrons of the Humboldt-St.Vincent Public Schools may wellbe proud of their new facilities and are to be commended for the foresightand sagacity in seeing that the educational future of the boys and girlsof this area is taken care of for many years to come.

boys and girlsof this area is taken care of for many years to come.