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Humboldt - St. Vincent High School

Humboldt, Minnesota

St. Vincent, Minnesota

Class of 1962

Baldwin, Thomas

Bouvette, Patsy O'Hare

Cleem, John H.

Clow, LeRoy

Gatheridge, Carlene Sylling

Goden, Rosemary Lamont

Gooselaw, Mike

Hemmes, Marilyn Sylling

Lofberg, Lorne

Nolte, Charlote Anderson

Olsonawski, Joan Karol

Roberts, Peggy Surface

Ryan, Mary Hughes

Seed, John

Shaw, Janet

Surface, Marjorie Todd

Ward, Allan

Source: All School Reunion, June 12, 1976

Submitted by: Margaret Matthew Patzer, June 28, 2000

et Matthew Patzer, June 28, 2000