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Humboldt - St. Vincent High School

Humboldt, Minnesota

St. Vincent, Minnesota

Class of 1969

Anderson, Christy O'Hare

Armstrong, Lois Sembach

Bergh, John

Bernath, Jerald

Boatz, Beth Ann Aldinger

Diamond, Delores Jerome

Easter, Donna

Finney, Kathleen

Giffen, Diane Murphy

Hemmes, Bradley

Jerome, Leland

Johnson, Jane Day

Lommen, Mark

Rustad, Tony

Turner, Faye Noehre

Webster, June Anderson

Wiese, Craig

Wiese, James

Source: All School Reunion, June 12, 1976

Submitted by: Margaret Matthew Patzer, June 28, 2000

aret Matthew Patzer, June 28, 2000