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Irving, Benjamin Jenkins b. - m. Annie Irving

Irving, David b. - m. Margaret Harris

Irving, David Purdy b. 1841 m. Ann Tweedy

Irving, Edmund Lincoln b. 1869 m. Alexandria Rearsey Boswall

Irving, Edward b. 1855 m. Sophia Ann Richards

Irving, Edith b. - m. Alexander Anderson

Irving, George b. - m. Janet Clow

Irving, George b. 1812 m. (1) Lucy Clow (2) Jane Clouston

Irving, George b. - m. Bridget Corcoran

Irving, George (Captain) b. - m. Sophia Maria Callbeck

Irving, James, Sr. (Captain) b. - m. Elizabeth Creed

Irving, James (Captain) b. 1842 m. Margaret Katherine Reid

Irving, James Jr. b. 1790 m. Mary Ann Unknown

Irving, James b. - m. Ann McKenzie

Irving, James David b. 1867 m. Ida May Miller

Irving, Job b. - m. Christy Docherty or O'Docherty

Irving, John b. 1851 m. Mary Ellen Richards

Irving, Mary b. - m. Benjamin Clow

Irving, Mary Ann b. 1862 m. Alexander Henry Boswall

Irving, Samuel

Irving, Thomas b. - m. Margaret Moffat

Irving, William b.- m. Margaret Clow

Irving, William b. - m. Janet Irving

Irving, William b. - m. Unknown

Irving, William b. - m. Margaret Jane Stewart

Irving, William David b. 1861 m. Alice Margaret Lemesseur Beck

Irving, William T. b. 1855 m. Mary Elizabeth White

Irving, William Walter b. - m. Joanna Forest

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In my research on the Callbeck family your Red River Valley page came up on

"Irving" names. I am also connected to Alexander Henry Boswall who is the

grandfather of my husband. My references on the Boswalls come from the book

"....A Cast of Thousands" by James K Raywait published Washington DC 1989

and a written document by an aunt of my husband's who is now deceased.

David Clow Irving b 18 Jul 1833 d 29 Mar 1924 m 1855 Julia Ann Mearns (dg.

of Cpt. Mearns & Mary Ann Ridell England b 29 Oct 1835 d 19 Jul 1931 both

buried Cherry Valley cem. PEI, Canada). Children: WILLIAM Henry Irving b 6

Jul 1856 d 3 Nov 1895 buried Birchill PEI m Margaret Ann Stewart;

Robert Mearns Irving b 16 Nov 1858, d 30 Apr 1939 in US m Belle Stewart

FANNIE Louise Irving b 13 Oct 1830 d 15 Sept 19?5 bur. Cherry Valley

Anglican cem.; Mary Ann Irving b 26 Sept 1862 d 16 Aug 1933 Marshfield PEI

m 16 Nov 1890 Alexander HENRY Boswall b 6 Sept 1866 Mt. Mellick PE d 21 Feb

1951 Marshfield PEI; ALBERT Seymour Irving b 25 Sept 1865 d 2 Apr 1928 in US

m Annie Stewart; Edmund LINCOLN Irving b 29 Nov 1868 d 5 Nov 1936 in US m

(1) Alexandrina Renie Boswall b 6 May, 1862, Mt. Mellick PE d 4 Nov 1915

Cherry Valley No children (2) Janis Henderson; David Irving b 19 Dec 1870 d

?US; m Edith Ward; GEORGE Hess? Irving b 31 Jan 1873 m (1) Mary Judson (Div)

(2) Ruth ?; James HARVIE Irving b 7 Dec 1874, d 29 Jan, 1936 in US m

Mari(?)ie Fullerton; HERBERT Victor Irving b 30 Dec 1878 d Oct 1949 in US m

Bertha Ward; ERNEST Walmar Irving (twin) b 28 Sep 1989 & FREDERICK CHarles

Irving (twin) b 28 Sept 189 d 17 Aug 1904 bur Cherry Valley?

Alexandrina & Alexander Henry Boswall were sister and brother

In research on Callbecks: Sophia Maria Callbeck b 1786 d 16 Feb 1836 in

Cape Traverse dg. of Phillips Callbeck & Ann Coffin m George Irving, Sea

Captain/Merchant, b Dumfries Scotland, d Cape Traverse PEI. They had 8

children and one of them was Franklyn Philips Irving b 24 Jun 1813 in

Europe, resided in Cape Traverse, Cpt of the"Northern Light" m Sophie De

Forrest b Scotland.(I include this because I noticed the name Joanna Forest

in you list of Irvings) Phillips Callbeck also had a ninth child--Philip

Morris Callbeck b 8 Sept 1771 in Halifax NS who was born out of wedlock and

from whom I am descended.


I hope the above is some interest to you.