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Jerome, Alexander
B: 1857
D: 1929
M: 1890, Mary Jane Colin b. 1870

Jerome, Alexander
B: 1912
M: 16 Oct 1932, Lucille Matthews b. 1909
FN: Alexander Jerome
MN: Mary Jane Colin

Jerome, Andre
24 Dec 1821 or 1828, Fort Garry, (now Winnipeg), Manitoba
10 Jul 1916
M: Abt. 1854, Marguerite Goslin (or Gosselin or Gooselaw)
FN: Martin Jerome-St.Matthe 
MN: Betsy Wilke

Jerome, Andrew
D: 1936
M: 14
Apr 1885, Martha Forbes
FN: Andre Jerome
MN: Marguerite Gosselin:

Jerome, Andrew
B: 1889
D: 1970
M: Lucille Sorenson d. 2005
FN: Jean Baptiste Jerome
MN: Helen Thibault

Jerome, Henry Amos
B: 1895
M: 25 Jun 1917, Nancy Sandburg
FN: Napoleon Jerome
MN: Eliza (Elise) Renville

Jerome, Jean Baptiste
B: 1855
M: Helen Thibault b. 1865 d. 1937
FN: Andre Jerome
MN: Marguerite Gosselin

Jerome, Lawrence
04 May 1897
D: 1965
M: 20 Nov 1927, Mary A. F. Wilebski b. 1910
FN: Alexander Jerome
MN: Mary Jane Colin

Jerome-St.Matthe, Martin
B: 1799,
Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan
M: (1) Abt 1825, Betsy Wilke d. quite young
M: (2) Isabel Wilke (sister of Betsy)FN: Pierre Jerome
Pierre Jerome, came to
Fort Carlton, Saskatchewan in 1769 from Montreal, Canada. He died 28 Nov 1821 at Fort Carlton and his death is recorded in Hudson Bay records kept by J. P. Pruden, the Factor of Fort Carlton. No record can be found of a marriage of Pierre Jerome but reference is made to a woman, Virginia, the mother of Martin, and it is likely that the St. Matthe named is used to indicate that Martin is "metis" or of mixed blood.

Jerome, Napoleon
16 Apr 1865, Pembina, North Dakota (near Fort McDufferen)
C: Christened 17 Apr 1865,
Pembina, North Dakota
18 Apr 1947, Hallock, Minnesota
20 Jan 1891, Eliza Renville, dau of Jean Batiste Renville and Jane Bruce, in Neche, North Dakota. She was christened on 02 May 1869 in Church of Assumption, Pembina, North Dakota. Name was spelled Elize Rainville on Baptismal Certificate, child of J. Baptiste Rainville and Jane Bruce. Eliza died on 14 or 15 Jan 1927 in Humboldt, Kittson County, Minnesota. Another record shows Eliza's mother as Janet Hadenberg.
FN: Andre Jerome
MN: Marguerite Gosselin