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Johnson, Abraham (Abe)
M: 1881, Jane Mary Lindsay

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Abraham Johnson and Jane Mary Lindsay:

Lionel Lindsay Johnson
B: 1883, Bowesmont, ND
D: early age

Harold Cecil Johnson
B: 1885, Bowesmont, ND
M: Edna Thomson

Children of Harold Cecil Johnson and Edna Thomson:

Harold Keith Johnson

Janet Johnson
M: Monroe Levy

Edna Ray
M: Ivan Hinman

Herbert T. Johnson
M: Jacqueline Holt

George Lindsay Johnson
B: 1888, Bowesmont, ND
D: 1911
M: Unmarried

Karl Bernard Johnson
B: 1893, St. Thomas, ND
M: 1919, Marie Anderson

Children of Karl Bernard Johnson and Marie Anderson:

George Lindsay Johnson

Percy James Johnson
B: 1895, St. Thomas, ND
M: 1921, Gerda Maria Wass

Children of Percy Johnson and Gerda Wass

James Johnson b. 1942
Clarice Johnson

Daughter Johnson
B: 1899
D: Lived only a short time

Katherine Hurd (foster daughter)
The Hurd family (Mrs. Hurd was the former Ida Nicholson) had been prosperous farmers in section 4 of Granville Township. The parents and other children died leaving Katherine an orphan.