Johnson, Sven Elof
B: 12 Nov 1969, Brona, Smaland, Sweden
E: 1891. Elof's father, mother, brothers, (William, Martin, Gustaf and Otto, and sisters (Charlotte and Elizabeth (Mrs. Olaf Lewis) came to America after three years, to live with him in his cabin until the flood of 1897.
D: 1945
M: 1905, Augusta Sophia Nelson from Hova, Sweden. Augusta d. 1963

FN: Johann Eliasson
MN: Pernilla Unknown

Children of Elof Johnson and Augusta Sophia Nelson:

Son Johnson
D: 1908 during an infant plague

Evelyn Johnson
M: Fritz Johnson

Eleanor Johnson
M: Earl Gillie

Florence Johnson
M: Eldon Peterson

Ruth Johnson
M: Freddie Homstad

Stanley Elof Johnson
B: 12 Dec 1915
M: 27 Jun 1940, Inez Louise Anderson

Children of Stanley Johnson and Inez Anderson:

Lowell Allen Johnson
B: Feb 1943
M: Joanne Louise Foss

Neil David Johnson
B: Nov 1944
M: 1966, Marcia Jane Inez Dahl, dau of Morris & Inez Dahl of Teien Twp, at Hallock, MN

Children of Neil Johnson and Marcia Dahl:

Kimberly Marie Johnson b. Dec 1969
Jennifer Lee Johnson b. Oct 1971

Marcia Elaine Johnson
B: Aug 1947
M: (1) Apr 1966, Stephen Joseph Marciniak (divorced 1972)
M: (2) Apr 1974, James L. Pederson

Children of Stephen Marciniak and Marcia Johnson:

Kendall Stephen Marciniak b. Sep 1967
Nina Beth Marciniak b. Jun 1969

Children of James Pederson and Marcia Johnson:

Leanne Renee Pederson b. Nov 1976

Joseph Gordon Johnson
B: Abt 1919