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Johnson, Ole
M: 1920, Louise Fried

FN: John Olson
MN: Anna Unknown

On Christmas Eve in 1873, John Olson and his wife, Anna, and 5 children began their sleig ride to church services at Maglehem, Sweden. The horses had a run away upsetting the sleigh resulting in John's death on 30 Jan 1874 at the age of 41. Anna, 36, was left with 2 daughters and 3 sons, ages 3-13. The boys took the name of Johnson because as the custom was, they were John's sons.

Pete Johnson, the 2nd son, was 11 years old when the accident happened.
B: 30 Oct 1863, Kristionstad, Sweden
E: 1887, age 25
D: Age 91 and 3 months
M: (1) 1890, Karin Anderson d. 1903
M: (2) Hannah Dorothea Spork b. 05 Feb 1882, Sweden d. 27 Sep 1929, age 47 years and 7 months.

Children of Pete Johnson and Karin Anderson:

Albin Johnson
M: Christine Nordine

Arthur Johnson
M: Bertha Lambert

Minnie Johnson
M: Emil Wistrand

Victoria Johnson
M: Fred Blomquist

Children of Pete Johnson and Hannah Spork:

Carrie Johnson
M: Oscar C. Johnson

Harry Johnson
M: Hannah Unknown

Emmy Johnson
M: Edward Cashman

Henry Johnson
M: Myrtle Lambert

Elmer Johnson
M: Janette Burnell

Ruth Johnson
M: Earl Coffiield

Alex Johnson
M: Inga Olson

Willard Johnson

Ralph Johnson
D: Navy service WWII

Roy Johnson
M: Audrey Hanson

Elsa Johnson
M: Helmer Steen

Nils Johnson began working and planning to move to America. One by one Nils saw his family come to Hallock and when he died at 35 his hopes were completed. Pete Johnson, 25, came in 1887 and Ole, 17, came in 1888. Finally in 1891, they sent for their Mother to leave "Gamlalandet" (cold country). The two sisters were married in Sweden, Margarethe (Mrs. George Lindstrom) and Hanna (Mrs. Oscar, former sheriff, Pearson's daughter) also came with their families.

Louise and Ole were married in Roseau in 1920 where they farmed until 1924.

Children of Ole Johnson and Louise Fried:

Warren H. Johnson
B: 1923, Hallock, MN
M: 1953, Jeanette Seaman, dau of Mr. & Mrs. George Seaman

Children of Warren Johnson and Jeanette Seaman:

Janice Johnson b. 1953 m. Jeffery Sugden

Tage Johnson b. 1957

Connie Johnson b. 1959

Louis (Louie) Johnson
B: 25 Mar 1925, Hallock, MN
D: 10 Feb 2006, Kittson Memorial Hospital, Hallock, MN
M: 08 Sep1951, Marjorie Haynes, dau of Clarence & Ruth Haynes

Children of Louis Johnson and Marjorie Haynes:

Gary Johnson
B: 1952
M: 1974, Renee Peterson, dau of Roger & Ruby Peterson

Coleen Sue Johnson
B: 1956
M: Bill McGovern

Doreen Renee Johnson
B: 1961
M: Bob Roy

Lloyd Johnson
M: 30 Sep 1954, Ramona Unknown

Children of Lloyd Johnson and Ramona Unknown:

Lori Lea Johnson
M: James Howland

Children of James Howland and Lori Lea Johnson:

Jamie Lynn Howland

Lloyd Johnson, Jr.

Lari Ann Johnson

Elsie Johnson
M: Elmore Bergh

Lavona Johnson
M: 1952, Al Lerdahl

Children of Al Lerdahl and Lavonna Johnson:

Pam Lerdahl
M: Leonard Copeland

Denise Lerdahl

Sharon Lerdahl

Wanda Lerdahl

Mrs. Lloyd Johnson said in the Kittson Historical Society Book #1:

Her parents are John and Delores Gudmundson of Lake Bronson. After her marriage, they made their first home in the Old Ben Streed farm east of Hallock. The following fall they moved into the village of Hallock for the winter months.

In the spring of 1956, they moved to their farm in Granville township known as the Ole Becken farm. The building site was beautiful, with the house setting on a hill and the river winding around it. The house was old. It had no plumbing, not even kitchen cabinets. But we were young and the thought of pioneering in the mid "50's" looked like fun, and we only intended on staying there for the summer months and returning to town in the fall before the snow came. But somehow we found the solitude of country living hard to give up, so we stayed on the farm for three years. We called our little farm "God's Country," because it was so peaceful, and it had a special beauty of its own. Even if it meant hauling water for drinking in a tank, heating water on the cookstove for dishes, bathing and chopping ice blocks in the winter for clothes washing. The only thing that bothered me about this whole water operation was the trusty old slop pail under the kitchen sink. Do you know what happens when you drain 5 1/2 gallons of water into a 5 gallon pail? I do.

Its been 16 years since we moved from there and we still think it's one of the prettiest places we've known. In 1959, we bought the Pete Olson farm, east of Hallock, where we finally settled in a permanent home.